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Model Support Teams: Experts behind the scenes

Just as the business aviation industry has progressed with innovations that deliver service solutions directly to a customer’s aircraft so too has the level of technical expertise.

For operators of Citation®, King Air® and Hawker® models, the pedigree of exceptional service and support goes beyond unscheduled service and routine maintenance. Technical knowledge and engineering expertise for the aircraft is the hallmark for a service provider.

At Textron Aviation, model support teams are the knowledge experts for maintaining your aircraft. These knowledge experts are dedicated solely to answering questions and solving problems related to specific aircraft models, both current and legacy.

Each aircraft team, with years of collective experience, is composed of several members with a specific realm of expertise. These behind-the-scenes teams have access to an extensive technical publications library as well as detailed vendor documentation and work in collaboration with Field Service Representatives.

“By having model-specific teams, our service representatives can concentrate on a specific model or series,” says John Szelenyi, Manager, Large Cabin Technical Services. “There are so many variations and slight nuances across the different models that concentrating on just one allows for a more expeditious response and faster return to service. This also enables the team members to utilize each other’s experiences and expertise on the model to assist our customers.”

As new models are developed, Textron Aviation reviews customer expectations, as well as the airframe systems and avionics, to determine if there is a similarity to an existing model or if it’s better to start a new model group.

“Most of our team members have a minimum of 15 years of experience with hands-on experience in manufacturing, flight test, experimental test or in our company-owned service center network,” Szelenyi explains. “With this approach, resolution to complex issues can be achieved in a much shorter time.”

He cites a recent example.

“We had a customer who had been experiencing an issue with an engine that was slow to start,” Szelenyi says. “The issue was very intermittent so it would not necessarily duplicate when it was being troubleshot. By utilizing his expertise on the starting system for that model, one of our team members was able to go through the logic for entire start circuit and determine that there was a socket within one of the connectors that was likely not carrying the load during the start sequence. When this socket was checked, it was verified that it was not making enough contact to allow for a normal engine start.”

“Without this in-depth knowledge of the system, this issue could have continued on for quite some time before being resolved. This really showed the power of our experts to understand your needs.”

Unmatched expertise of your aircraft is the benchmark for Textron Aviation. With detailed knowledge of the design and manufacture of your Citation®, King Air® or Hawker® aircraft, the model support teams are your behind-the-scenes experts.