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Stuttgart Service Center’s Future Built on Trust

Hi, my name is Fabian Geckler, I'm the maintenance manager of the Stuttgart facility. We are a satellite station as part of Cessna Düsseldorf Citation Service Center. We started almost six years ago in September 2015, and we started as a small team with only one technician and I. And meanwhile, we have three technicians and office assistants and myself.

We have an amazing team here in Stuttgart which is flexible, highly motivated with a high quality standard. Teamwork is quite important for us and I’m proud we can rely on each other.

Once we double the hangar space and have more manpower available for the customers, we can be even more flexible than we already are.

I think like in every relationship, trust is quite important and our customers not only trust us with maintenance, but also with their safety.

Here in Stuttgart, I think it feels like family. We try to build relationships with our customers in order to give them individual attention and efforts but with the expertise of an international organization like Textron Aviation.