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Support for your aircraft, when you need it, where you need it.

Textron Aviation continues to provide the widest array of maintenance, modification, paint and upgrade services for the full line of Hawker aircraft. With the highest quality of maintenance training, full factory engineering support and focused, model-specific expertise, this team is designed to instill confidence and peace of mind that no one is going to take better care of your Hawker.

Highly trained and dedicated technicians are standing by to support you anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s a simple tire change, an AOG event, a minor inspection or major modification, we will provide you with the finest network of aircraft maintenance facilities in the industry.

Exclusive Support for your Aircraft

Our Hawker technical support teams have proven to be invaluable in answering questions and solving problems. Staffed with experts dedicated exclusively to the support of your model, you can be assured of top-level guidance and support.

  • Model Support Teams: Experts behind the scenes

    Just as the business aviation industry has progressed with innovations that deliver service solutions directly to a customer’s aircraft so too has the level of technical expertise.

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  • Taking service to the next level

    You want your aircraft maintained to the highest quality standards. At Textron Aviation, we meet that expectation every day by delivering unmatched solutions tailored to your ownership needs.

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