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LuxAviation Sky Club - Built on Citation Jets

LuxAviation is one of the oldest private jet operators in Europe.

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"Midsize jet leader" growing European charter market

It started with a recognized opportunity. Taking the time to assess clients' needs, missions and unrealized potential. For BHS Aviation CEO, Daniel Suter, potential would lie within a fixed-wing AOC (Air Operator Certificate).

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I bought my 2007 Mustang in 2018. As I started to fly the airplane and get more and more excited about being a jet pilot for the first time, and saw all the other airplanes on the market that were new, I decided it was time to think about a refresh so I could feel like I was flying a brand-new plane.

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Innovative Design Efforts Lead to Increased Customization Opportunities

Each aircraft tells its own story. It has its own mission and carries its own purpose.

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In Europe, Citation Finds Charter Success

“We have over 50 Textron Aviation products currently in operations worldwide, basically the whole past and present Citation line,” said Robert Fisch, the president of Aviation Services at Luxaviation. “The Citation jet line has been incredibly reliable and economical to run, and the clients just love them.”

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Textron Aviation Aircraft Ideal for European Air

“Economy, airport performance, maintenance and parts availability. These are the strong points from Textron Aviation and their products, and this is why we choose them.”

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Business Objectives Met With A Citation Jet Fleet

“When I think of Citation, I think of dependability,” Durbin said. “Our primary mission is to get our executives from Point A to Point B safely and quickly as possible. The Citation gives us the ability to do that.”

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King Air Turboprops: A Lifestyle Decision

So the King Air definitely was a decision for lifestyle. We needed to fly with friends and family and needed enough space and endurance. We wanted to go into airfields which are not approachable for most of the other planes and we needed two engines. This was important for us,” said David Hain, King Air owner based in Stuttgart, Germany.

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Citation Jet Design Borne by Customer Feedback

As told by Tim Gallien, a pilot who sat on Textron Aviation’s Customer Advisory Board and gave insight into creating the CESSNA CITATION XLS Gen2 jet.

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Stuttgart Service Center’s Future Built on Trust

Hi, my name is Fabian Geckler, I'm the maintenance manager of the Stuttgart facility. We are a satellite station as part of Cessna Düsseldorf Citation Service Center.

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When many cargo aviators think of hauling through the skies, they often immediately think the CESSNA CARAVAN turboprop. For one on-demand cargo company based out of Hawaii, it was the aircraft that changed everything.

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Textron Aviation Parts Distribution: "Above and Beyond"

I’ve owned a bunch of different airplanes but I’ve only had interactions with one jet manufacturer brand and that’s CESSNA. And that’s because I don’t want to leave.

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