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Customer Portal Tips and Tricks

Ever wish you had a maintenance director to watch over your aircraft?

With the new Customer Portal, maintenance management is transformed into a fast, easy-to-manage process you can oversee – and control – from anywhere.

Designed to function as a virtual director of maintenance, the portal provides a clear view into the service hangar and beyond. From viewing the status of your service center visit and approving maintenance, to managing invoices and ordering parts, the portal enables owners and operators to quickly connect with Textron Aviation’s customer service network.

Through the portal – accessed via any mobile device or computer – operators can monitor a maintenance visit from start to finish, further simplifying communications with a service center. The added visibility allows you to review and approve maintenance quickly, offering a new level transparency to the service process that can help reduce downtime.

The one-stop functionality of the Customer Portal also makes finding your aircraft’s service documents easier than ever before, with the capability to seamlessly connect you to your other Textron Aviation user accounts. Below are some of the most powerful features designed to help you make the most out of the portal.

Access your multiple Textron Aviation user accounts with a single sign-on.

Link your Customer Portal login information with other Textron Aviation user accounts for easy access to each one.

Whether you’re enrolled in ProParts or have a service center credit account, you can access your existing Textron Aviation accounts through the portal without having to enter username and password information for each one. Simply click on “My Tools” to link your Customer Portal login information with other Textron Aviation user accounts. Your portal homepage contains links to the various websites to help you easily redirect to each one, while remaining logged in.

View, manage and pay invoices – all from one place.

View your current maintenance invoices and review past ones.

A clear, easy-to-navigate interface allows users to submit payments for current maintenance invoices, with details and copies of previously paid invoices archived within the portal. Users can also view invoice history and credits, and make payments related to service, parts purchases and flight hour billing for ProAdvantage® programs such as ProParts, ProTech and PowerAdvantage+.

Track maintenance visits and reduce downtime by approving squawks with one click.

Approve maintenance work with a click, or contact your CSR via phone to receive more information prior to approval.

The Customer Portal simplifies service scheduling by enabling users to initiate service requests directly through the portal. Upon submitting a request, you can speak with a service center scheduler to set a service appointment.

Once the aircraft is undergoing maintenance, monitor its progress as tasks and inspections are accomplished by the facility’s technicians. Newly reported squawks and discrepancies requiring attention will appear as notifications in your portal’s homepage and in the service section of the portal, along with the technician’s notes and cost estimates for service and parts needed to accomplish the service.

Upon review, you can approve work directly from the portal, giving the service center the green light to immediately continue service and place necessary parts on order at any time of the day. After approving the maintenance item, it is added to the aircraft’s service order and invoice.

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