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Taking service to the next level

A year of service improvements in review

You want your aircraft maintained to the highest quality standards. At Textron Aviation, we meet that expectation every day by delivering unmatched solutions tailored to your ownership needs.

In response to your direct feedback, we’re investing in our network to provide you service on your terms. Whether it’s a dedicated team to manage unscheduled maintenance events, a sophisticated digital technical publications experience, educational and technical webinars or concierge services in our facilities, customer feedback guided these improvements to meet your needs before, during and after flight.

Here are some of the ways we’re delivering a better experience:

1CALL to keep you flying

With 1CALL, Textron Aviation customers have immediate access to a team of dedicated maintenance and support experts, including service engineers, a network of 18 company-owned facilities, more than 60 mobile service units and three dedicated support aircraft. The recently-launched program also gives customers priority access to more than 19 million aftermarket and propriety in-stock parts, which our team supports 24 hours a day. A remarkable 99.6 percent of the parts leave the warehouse the day customers order them.

“With 1CALL, Textron Aviation was able to work the problem with succinct, clear outcomes,” Jeff Melang, who manages the operation of a Citation® Excel® said. “They responded immediately to our issue. The follow-up from the technician was on-point and continuous. It gave us that level of confidence. We were highly pleased with the 1CALL solution and with how Textron Aviation quickly pulled together to dispatch to this aircraft.”

Citation, Beechcraft® and Hawker® customers can access the dedicated 1CALL team by dialing +1-316-517-2090.

1View for technical publications and manuals

Meeting the rigorous requirements of our customers can only be achieved through collaboration and feedback. A customer advisory board was formed to ensure the proper insights and feedback went into the new technical publications and manuals website and viewer, 1View. This site is scheduled to launch in the third quarter of 2016.

With 1View, you will have access to flight, technical and maintenance manuals for Beechcraft, Cessna® and Hawker aircraft. Converting more than 172,000 illustrations and 900 manuals, we produced a single intuitive system with a user-friendly web interface. The new view features an easy-to-use interface, improved navigation and integration with e-commerce.

One System.

  • 163 flight manuals

  • 217 revisions in 2015

  • 172,153 illustrations

  • 618 maintenance manuals

  • 781 total manuals

“What’s developed in the last year has just been amazing with this website,” Jerry Yates, Customer Advisory Board member said. “They have put all of our manuals in one place and created a very intuitive and useful tool that will be a huge improvement and time saver for customers.”

Enhanced online presence – information at your fingertips

In a mobile world, seamless access to information is a mandate. Textron Aviation launched a customer support app that provides one location for access to information, like the Textron Aviation Service directory, the technical magazine, Direct Approach, and details regarding the Wichita-based Customer Conference as well as regional conferences.

Whitney Phipps, who leads the Service Information Department at Textron Aviation, calls the app a “one-stop shop for all the information customers need.”

Moving forward, Phipps said all of her team's resources will be available through a single platform with one log-in at

With a priority on providing customers easy access to information, the Service Information Department will also continue to distribute communication through various channels, including email, YouTube videos and live webinars, while still developing new ways to communicate and connect with customers, including two-way video conferencing.

Parts on demand

Textron Aviation offers an inventory of over 19 million parts and 24/7/365 repair, overhaul and rental capabilities with a 99.6 percent same-day ship rate to support your aircraft from nose to tail. Ordering parts through the new eCommerce site,, allows for quick ordering right at your fingertips, with an inventory accuracy of 99.8 percent you can be assured that we have your parts. Our worldwide distribution system gets you your parts faster.

Quicker warranty claim turn times

Over the last year, Textron Aviation has improved the average warranty claim turn time to an eight-day average. You may now also view the status of your claims and print copies of Credit Memos from the Textron Aviation eCommerce site.

Real-time diagnostics

In our fast-paced world, time is of the essence and real-time solutions are essential, Textron Aviation’s propriety LinxUs™ diagnostics system, available on Citation models with Garmin™ avionics, provides real-time diagnostics mid-flight. It connects you with your aircraft, product support and maintenance teams before you even touch down.

World’s most capable network

No matter the communication tool, Textron Aviation continues to apply a key component of customer service – delivering the right service when you need it, where you need it – with unmatched service expertise, parts and locations.

This includes:

A combined global network of 18 company-owned service centers and more than 100 authorized centers worldwide to service King Air®, Cessna, Citation and Hawker aircraft.
The largest mobile service fleet in the industry with more than 60 vehicles and three support aircraft.
More than 200 field-based and technical representatives who have in-depth knowledge of the design and manufacture of Beechcraft, Cessna and Hawker products.
A parts organization that ensures your aircraft is mission-ready when and where you need it. With industry-leading parts warranties and a dedicated worldwide sales team to support representatives, we provide the service and solutions you need when and where you need them. 19 million parts and 24/7/365 repair, overhaul and rental capabilities with a 99.6 percent same-day ship rate.

This is the world’s most capable network for service and support, ready to serve you. Textron Aviation. Count on us.