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“There's nothing in the market for the price that touches the airplane.”
---Dwayne Clemens

Dwayne Clemens knows Beechjets better than most. A former Beechcraft employee turned full-service FBO owner in the air capital, he’s well-versed in the capabilities and value a Beechjet brings to a company. After utilizing Textron Aviation’s global customer service team to add winglets to his Beechjets, Clemons said the aircraft were like new.

Clemons started by adding the winglets to three of his planes.

“We noticed about a 15% increase in range and 15% less fuel burn because of the winglets,” Clemens said.

The performance statistics Clemons noticed made the decision an easy one for him. From there, it was full speed ahead to finish out all 15 of the fleet. According to Clemons, it was worth it.

“The combination of the winglets and the G5000 makes the airplane state of the art,” Clemons said. “With the nine-person cabin, 45,000-foot altitude and 16 or 17-hundred nautical mile range, there’s nothing that touches it.”

But it wasn’t just the performance experience that had Clemons praising his decision to upgrade the aircraft. He said the experience with Textron Aviation was wonderful.

“It's great. They tell you the delivery date and that's what it is. It's always perfect. Never had one thing wrong,” he said. “I'd highly recommend a Textron Aviation Service Center to do the winglets or anything else. They just always do a great job.”

Clemens said he can’t recommend the upgrade enough, citing enhanced performance for his company.

“The winglets make it a whole new airplane. It’s amazing. I had 10,000 hours flight test in this airplane when they came out with the winglets,” he said. “It’s a whole different airplane for the better.”

*Performance statistics are based on the operator’s experience. Results may vary based on flight and mission operations. Textron Aviation does not guarantee performance.