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Textron Aviation Parts Distribution: "Above and Beyond"

I’ve owned a bunch of different airplanes but I’ve only had interactions with one jet manufacturer brand and that’s CESSNA. And that’s because I don’t want to leave.

Here is an organization that not only cares that they sell you an airplane but they care that they keep you happy in that airplane and flying in that airplane.

I think we’re fortunate to be operators of these aircraft because of the distribution and the logistics that Textron Aviation has. You made that airplane and a lot of the parts that you’re buying are parts that you guys have made for that airplane.

The fact that you have this warehouse with parts on the shelves; that’s pretty impressive.

I was in here a couple of months ago and the firmware was out of date so they had to get a part to program it. I needed to get going. It was like listen I’m here for six hours. Parts business was able to get the part over to the service center quickly, rapidly and it’s just those kinds of things that I think are above and beyond that make you feel appreciated.

It’s easy to throw specs out and to say that you can do this stuff but the proof is in the actions that are done.

What I’ve found is that if I find a price that’s I think higher than the market bears, Textron Aviation takes a look at it. And I think they do these things because at their heart, they’re good people. The desire to do the right thing goes above and beyond something that’s specific to just aviation. That’s where I think Textron Aviation is more than just a company; it is a family.