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Textron Aviation Aircraft Ideal for European Air

“My name is Fred Eisele. I'm the founder of Eisele Flugdienst, E-Aviation. The company was founded in '96 with a home base in Stuttgart, Germany. What we do is executive charter business, which means we fly and transport persons and goods all around Europe.

“Presently, we use nine Textron Aviation products, which are Citations and one King Air. The jets of Textron Aviation on are very economical, especially for the European airspace. It's very tight. There are smaller runways which we use to bring our customers much closer to their desired destinations. Which otherwise, with the airlines, they would have to use the big airports, use a rental car, and waste a lot of time. And this, of course, makes the Textron Aviation products very attractive.

“When a person comes to us and wants to purchase planes, which is coming up very, very often, we tell them why we decide ourselves to purchase a Textron Aviation product. We tell them the strong arguments are what we already said, the economics, the airport performance, but also is the maintenance facilities in Europe.

“This helps to save us a lot of money. And this is what we address to these customers. And they really understand how important maintenance is for this category of business.

“Economy, airport performance, maintenance and parts availability. These are the strong points from Textron Aviation and their products, and this is why we choose them.”