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Is Textron Airland’s Scorpion close to its first customer?

Source: Defence iQ

Since its first flight in December 2013, the Textron Airland Scorpion has attracted the attention of prospective buyers all over the world. Over the past two years, nations in every major continent have been drawn to the aircraft’s many applications and its standout cost-effectiveness.

The Scorpion features twin turbofan engines that produce 8,000lbf of thrust and a top speed of 833 km/h. The tandem-seat cockpit allows for two crewmembers to fully utilise the multi-mission capabilities of the aircraft, from ISR to Close Air Support (CAS), training missions, air interdiction, and more. By way of six wing hardpoints, an internal payload bay, and a versatile, modular architecture, it can be equipped with 9,200lbs of ordnance and electronic system components to whatever end its operator seeks.

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