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Aircraft management company builds customer loyalty

Millbrook Aviation credits Textron Aviation’s ProAdvantage program

Millbrook Aviation, an aircraft management company and charter operator in New Windsor, New York, operates within some of the most stringent maintenance standards in the industry—a benefit the company’s aircraft owners love. The key, according to owner and founder Doug Wattoff is his close relationship with the Textron Aviation service facility in New York, coupled with Textron Aviation’s ProAdvantage® aircraft maintenance programs.

When Millbrook Aviation’s aircraft owners belong to Textron Aviation’s ProAdvantage programs, they know exactly what they’re getting for their money—predictable operating costs. This is in addition to what the Textron Aviation service organization already provides: an exceptionally maintained aircraft and a definitive, responsive, attentive team by their sides coordinating all of the details for swift resolutions.

“A Textron Aviation maintenance program is a no-brainer. I don’t think an airplane should be purchased without it. It’s integral to the value and benefit of owning a Citation,” said Wattoff, whose company charters two Cessna® Citation X® jets, a Cessna Sovereign®+, a Cessna Citation® XLS® and a Cessna Citation CJ2®, among other aircraft, on behalf of owners. The aircraft are utilized for executive travel across the country and around the world.

“I’ve built my business around this combination, because it makes the most sense for my owners. By using the Textron Aviation service center exclusively for all of the maintenance, the airplanes are better maintained, and they hold their values better. The New York service center is open 24/7 with some of the best personnel that service money can buy. It has an extensive parts warehouse that I could never have. Plus, I don’t have to worry about having mechanics on staff.”

Millbrook Aviation, a boutique Citation management company, serves New York City, the busiest charter region in the U.S.

Level loaded maintenance costs

From parts and engines to airframe systems, avionics and labor, the ProAdvantage programs cover maintenance costs for a predictable hourly rate. The programs are offered as stand-alone options, so operators can choose one or more, depending on the coverage desired. Wattoff insists his charter-aircraft owners belong to the parts, labor, engine and APU programs for total maintenance coverage, nose to tail.

“With Textron Aviation’s maintenance programs, the aircraft owner expenses the cost of operating the airplane as opposed to accruing maintenance costs. We know what it’s going to cost to operate the airplane every hour. If an owner asks me, ‘What will it cost me to use my airplane,’ I can give him a definitive number. That’s comforting to owners,” he said.

“It’s amazing how accurate the aircraft financial projections are.” John Zeiler, aircraft owner and Millbrook Aviation customer

Benefits of Textron Aviation’s ProAdvantage maintenance programs, according to Doug Wattoff

  • Aircraft owners know their exact operating costs
  • No surprises, costs are leveled out over the year
  • Aircraft have stronger resale value
  • No need to create and staff a separate maintenance shop

When Wattoff assists his customers with an aircraft acquisition, he includes Textron Aviation’s maintenance programs in the cost of the purchase, too. He is so confident the numbers make sense he posts a sample cash flow analysis online for a variety of managed aircraft.

“It gets even more exciting than that from my point of view. As an aircraft manager, I see my owners monthly and tell them how we did — what their charter revenue was versus what it cost to operate their airplane. The last thing I want to say is we did great on charter revenue but, by the way, here’s a $150,000 maintenance bill. Textron Aviation’s maintenance programs level out the costs, so there are no surprises, and my owners stay with Millbrook Aviation,” he said.

“I moved our airplane to Millbrook Aviation and saved more than $250,000 a year with much better service and finally knew what my airplane was costing me.” Paul Meissner, aircraft owner and Millbrook Aviation customer

Maintained to the highest standards

“With Textron Aviation’s ProAdvantage maintenance programs, I want to get the airplane over to the service center, so every little thing is taken care of before it becomes a major issue, said Wattoff. “Best of all, we don’t get a bill for each event. It’s all covered by the programs. That is paramount. The owner is happy, the aircraft manager is happy and my company grows.”

Textron Aviation’s ProAdvantage programs even help protect owners in AOG situations when maintenance may be required in the field.

“If you’re not in the area of an authorized Citation service center, Textron Aviation is very good at sending out one of their mobile service units. While the additional cost of labor to have them come out isn’t covered, it is negligible. Using Textron Aviation’s mobile service unit is like having my own worldwide network of maintenance shops,” said Wattoff.

Increased aircraft value

“If owners say that the Textron Aviation service centers are more expensive, my response is, you’re going to pay for maintenance one way or another. If you go to another shop, others may defer the maintenance to keep your bills low. That’s going to come back and haunt you. When you go to sell your airplane, you’re going to have a huge bill,” said Wattoff.

“When someone is willing to spend $3 million or $20 million on an airplane, they want to know that the service and records on that airplane are impeccable,” said Watoff. “The only people we know who will maintain it to factory standards, is the factory.”