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Aircraft Charter Service Turns to Beechcraft Denali for New Advantage

Deciding on the right aircraft for your mission can be difficult. With countless factors to consider the choice isn't one that can be taken lightly. The pressure that accompanies that decision only multiplies when you need several aircraft to help take your business to new heights. It's a situation similar to what Jeff Jackson, CEO of Jackson Jet, found himself in. He needed answers to the tough questions along with a name and a product he could trust with his operation. Jackson needed Textron Aviation and the Beechcraft® Denali® aircraft.

"One of the things we needed was a reliable turboprop."Jeff Jackson, CEO, Jackson Jet

In his day to day, Jackson supports his team in any way he can, knowing they are counting on him. The same expectation of support and reliability is what helped steer him toward Textron Aviation.

The Beechcraft® Denali® turboprop gave Jackson a unique chance to bring a brand-new aircraft to the region in which his charter business operates. Jackson knew that to offer travel to his customers on their terms, he needed to disrupt the current pace. With several aircraft already in the fleet, he says being the first to bring the Denali® turboprop to the area would do just that.

"There are some competitors locally here that found a niche that worked in the west and we are ready to break that up a little bit," Jackson shared about his motivation. "Turboprops are very popular in the northwest, they fit the mission. We have a lot of small airports, and they are a great option for them."

"To passengers, having those nice, big screens up front, it just looks better."

By adding the Denali® aircraft to its fleet, Jackson Jet would also give its pilots an advantage in operating the easy-to-use Garmin® G3000 avionics system. Noting feedback from his team, Jackson says the chance of operating the system in a new aircraft couldn't be passed up.

"Pilots like the nicest systems and the G3000 is a very pilot-friendly, owner-operator-friendly platform," Jackson mentioned. "Customers care about speed and comfort, but first and foremost, safety." With a new system comes new training to make sure pilots are operating as safely as possible, another area of support that stood out to Jackson. "Safety of an airplane is paramount. Textron Aviation is doing a lot for us in terms of training, so we will have every pilot go through that training as a first step."

The newest feature to accompany the G3000 avionics suite is the Garmin Emergency Autoland system, allowing the Denali® turboprop to land at the nearest airport if the pilot is incapacitated and unable to navigate to the intended destination. Jackson notes the new feature coupled with the standard G3000 capabilities fits his customer's needs better than what competitors can offer, helping his business stand out even more.

"As an aircraft charter customer, seeing those screens when you first get in gives you an immediate feeling of safety and peace," Jackson exclaimed. "Those kinds of things, as an owner operator will be huge. Having the whole Garmin package is going to be a big differentiator for our customers and managed aircraft clients."

While the Beechcraft® Denali® turboprop may be their first turboprop from Textron Aviation, with two Cessna® Citation® jets already in the fleet, Jackson understands the relationship doesn't end with delivery.

"The handshake is just as good as the contract, if not better."

Noting previous interactions with Textron Aviation, working with the company again was an easy choice. He says the personal relationships built and access to support throughout the life of the aircraft are unmatched by competitors.

"There is midwestern hospitality, and that feeling along with the respect they show to the customer, is important." Jackson shared. "With Textron Aviation there is going to be a lot more flexibility. There is a much more open source for availability and maintenance versus what we are dealing with now with other companies."

All things considered, Jackson's choice of the                   Denali® turboprop was based on an opportunity to bring the newest product to an area for business. In his eyes, understanding the aircraft and what it brings to the table, coupled with the service and relationships only Textron Aviation can provide, will make this investment worthwhile. Based on his experience and what he has learned, Jackson encourages others who may be in the market for an aircraft to look in the same direction.

"They're going to be more comfortable in the Denali, I think, for the reason of the avionics, and the additional access to maintenance," he stated. "There are just a lot more options with Textron Aviation. They offer a lot more flexibility for maintenance of an aircraft. It is an American brand, you can work with a lot more people and it has a long history in aviation."