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Experience: it's worth the trip

Reasons to consider a company-owned service facility for inspections

You do it all the time and don’t think twice. You drive past a dozen fine restaurants for the one with the best food and wine list. You don’t give the movie theater at the mall a second look because the one across town has a better sound system. Whether it’s your attorney, banker, dentist, clothing store or mechanic, you’ll travel farther to get the best experience.

Yet traveling for a better service experience seems foreign to some aircraft owners. When it comes to inspections, traveling to a company-owned service facility can prove to be worth the trip because of two key factors—downtime and value. Here’s why:

  • Competitive pricing
    There’s a misconception among some owners that company-owned service facilities are more expensive. It’s not true in most cases. Owners have demanded competitive pricing, and company-owned service facilities responded.
  • Unparalleled resources
    Factory engineers, repair design services, technical support teams, and the latest technical publications are just a few of the myriad of resources at hand for company-owned service facilities.
  • Best parts and tooling
    Company-owned service facilities have readily available parts. And, if special tooling is required, company-owned service facilities know which tools they need and will have them available.
  • Leveraging field information
    Global service reports flow into the factory constantly and are disseminated to their service facilities. This ongoing field collaboration gives factory-owned or –operated facility technicians up-to-the minute information and an ever-expanding service database to utilize.
  • Upholding higher standards
    Company-owned service facilities set the standard for servicing aircraft built in their factories. As a result, customers receive a higher standard of excellence.
  • Faster diagnosis and repair
    The professionals working at company-owned service facilities develop unequaled expertise around the models they manufacture. This not only reduces downtime through faster inspection, diagnosis and repair, but also offers customers a more critical eye toward detecting and anticipating future service needs.

It’s also important to remember you may not need to travel at all for your inspection. Technicians assigned to Mobile Service Units can often come to your hangar and do the work there.