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A Citation Mustang owner from Jackson Hole, Wyom. explains why investing in an evolution of his aircraft with the OEM was the right move.

"I bought my 2007 Mustang in 2018. As I started to fly the airplane and get more and more excited about being a jet pilot for the first time, and saw all the other airplanes on the market that were new, I decided it was time to think about a refresh so I could feel like I was flying a brand-new plane.

The advice I would give other owners who are looking into doing a refresh on their airplane is do your homework, do your diligence. It's very easy to see things posted on a forum or hear about, you know, "Oh I got a paint job done for X," or, "They did this in three weeks," but as soon as I contacted the OEM and I started working with the design team at Textron Aviation, I quickly was reminded that there are an infinite number of details.

The expertise that the OEM had was a comfort level that I gained early in the conversations that they were the most familiar with the airplane because they built the airplane, they had done numerous refreshes, both on the Mustang and other Citation family aircraft.

The refresh didn't take all that long. It all actually worked like clockwork, frankly. It just moved right along, which gave me a huge comfort level that it was going to get done on time, and that I was going to be excited to see the finished product.

Textron Aviation was incredibly flexible around my schedule, when I could drop off the plane, and then when I'd be picking it up. It was an incredible process, and I had a lot of fun.

What it felt like when I picked up the airplane was a gigantic wow. I was blown away by the finished product. It was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. It looked like a brand-new airplane in every sense of the word, and nothing was out of place, like, I literally picked it up and it was perfect.

It's like flying a brand-new airplane, and it still feels like my Mustang, it's still a great plane to fly.

I would, without hesitation, say it was absolutely worth it."

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