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King Air Turboprops: A Lifestyle Decision

“So the King Air definitely was a decision for lifestyle. We needed to fly with friends and family and needed enough space and endurance. We wanted to go into airfields which are not approachable for most of the other planes and we needed two engines. This was important for us,” said David Hain, King Air owner based in Stuttgart, Germany.

“So when it came then to a decision where we want to go, we said we need something with a big cabin, a lot of cargo space, comfortable seats and a minimum six people in the cabin. And it takes you wherever you want. You have a runway with 700 meters. Very easy to go in, very easy to get out.

When somebody wants to travel to interesting destinations, when no big airport is around, then the King Air is the best choice. You travel with two engines, you travel with an airplane, which can land on almost all surfaces. You have very good flight performance and the aircraft is spacious. And even if you load it, you still have a very, very good performance in that aircraft.

So I really would recommend to somebody who wants to go for a little bit of adventure to go for a King Air because that airplane takes you to places where a jet doesn't take you.”