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Flying In The Citation Longitude

Discover how the Citation Longitude jet helps you maximize the value of your flight department.

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Ed Wenninger is not only the chief test pilot of the CITATION LONGITUDE super midsize-jet, he was also a key player during the early days of the flight test program, and his team helped shape many of the aircraft’s features.

With thousands of flight hours under his belt, Wenninger has flown virtually every Citation jet ever produced. What’s different about the Citation Longitude aircraft?

“We’ve done a lot of work on the Citation Longitude systems to help automate more things that make sense to automate. From start up to takeoff, the number of things you have to do are minimized over what we’ve done with other Citation aircraft.”Ed Wenninger, Flight Test Manager, Textron Aviation

Other Longitude jet features, like standard autothrottles and the optional Head-Up Display, enhance situational awareness for pilots and bring an added level of confidence to the cockpit that translates into greater peace of mind – and comfort – for passengers in the cabin.

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