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Avionics Upgrades Bring New Capability

One of the best ways to upgrade an older aircraft is to install a new avionics suite. In recent years there have been significant advances in avionics technology, both in presentation and capability. The good news for operators of older aircraft is that this technology is highly transportable. Unlike advances in aerodynamics or engine technology, avionics improvements can easily be applied to older designs, giving them all the capability of new aircraft just off the assembly line. 


The recent advances in avionics are not just incremental. Whole new technologies are giving operators new standards in safety and navigation capability that didn’t exist a decade ago. Existing technologies are evolving, too, bringing with them requirements and other mandates that operators must meet if their aircraft are to continue to be fully capable in the ever-changing airspace system.


Maintaining a Factory Appearance

Balanced against the quest for upgraded technology is the desire among many operators to preserve the factory appearance of their instrument panels – the well organized and consistent look of a system that was engineered to function as a unit. Our Service Center Avionics technicians expertly retrofit new equipment to perform flawlessly, and to look as if it was installed during production. To minimize downtime, avionic updates can easily be completed in conjunction with phase inspections or interior modifications.

  • Finding the right time to upgrade

    For The Wonderful Company, upgrading its 7,000-hour Beechcraft® King Air® C90GTx with the Garmin G1000 avionics suite had long been a wish-list item.

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