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Why Pre-Owned was the right choice for this entrepreneurial owner-operator

Harry Hedaya has been flying since 1993. Over the last three decades as an entrepreneur based in Tampa, Fla., Harry has owned and operated several different companies in the financial services, staffing and business productivity software space. His cross-country travel needs led him to Textron Aviation years ago. He knew that he needed an edge to keep up with not only business, but his life outside the office. He recently purchased a Cessna® Citation® CJ3® aircraft through our pre-owned program.

“The aircraft gives me unrestricted freedom to move around outside of airline schedules,” said Harry. “Not only do I have to keep up with business, but I also do a lot of personal flying with my family. I quite often travel with a toddler, a couple of dogs and my associates and team members. It gives me the flexibility to choose when and where I go.”

Harry is drawn to aviation because of his passion to be an aviator and the hard-working history that built the industry over the years. That’s why he decided to go with a company that helped set the foundation for flight. He also enjoys the reliability and peace of mind that a Textron Aviation aircraft provides. “I bought a used Citation in 2009, and I flew that airplane until 2017. In those eight years, I never had one trip cancel over an AOG or maintenance issue.” Harry knows exactly why he chose to buy a pre-owned aircraft over new. “For me, it was purely a use of capital.”

“I’ve never really had problems with airplanes with hours on them. The paint was pristine. The interior was in gorgeous condition. After some cockpit avionics and interior upgrades, it feels like my airplane. It may not be brand new, but it’s brand new to me.”

Harry is also very happy with the process and support that came with buying a pre-owned aircraft from Textron Aviation. “I got the message that Textron Aviation is very serious about pre-owned. They’re committed. You’ve got to see it to believe it, and the ability to use that as part of the purchase is a huge competitive advantage. Also, the pre-buy gave me a six-month limited warranty. I didn’t have to worry about something happening.”

Aviation has been a big part of Harry’s life and business for years. From transporting employees to meetings to relaxing trips with the family, he knows when it comes to purchasing pre-owned aircraft, Textron Aviation will always be his answer. “It’s very hard to go wrong by going through Textron Aviation to buy a Textron Aviation product.”