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Investing in Citation

Kevin Baird's career in aviation has developed in a unique way. His goal was to understand both what happens inside of the cockpit as well as outside of it. And he wanted to ensure his path allowed him to grow in both areas.

"I was obtaining this great aircraft management experience from early on in my aviation career," Baird said. "But I felt a need to obtain the first-hand operational knowledge of what it is like to fly jet aircraft. So, I began to fly jets around the world and that exposed me to the real-world experience to have the expertise necessary to best suit our clients."

From pilot to aircraft manager, Baird became well-versed in both worlds. This, in part, was why he decided to partner with those he knew and trusted in the aviation community and create what he considers a different kind of aircraft management company, Eagle Eye Aviation. But Baird was very specific with what Eagle Eye would become. He wanted the company to feel personal to each client with the ability to adapt programs to each individualized aviation journey. And he wanted to focus on Textron Aviation’s CITATION jets.

Having planes under management is a very personal thing, especially when it comes to owner-flown aircraft like the 525s.Kevin Baird, Eagle Eye Aviation President

Baird said, "We specialize in tailoring our services to each operator and utilizing our mentorship and management experience to best fit the needs of our clients. Each client has a unique mission and personality, and many of ours are uniquely owner-pilots. Many of them are stepping into a twin-engine jet for the first time. Our instructional and mentorship backgrounds give us a unique skill-set to best guide them through this transition and subsequent ownership experience."

"We have taken our time to ensure we are properly positioned to best help our clients stepping into the Citation Jet world."Kevin Baird, Eagle Eye Aviation President

One major part of that was selecting the right aircraft to specialize in. For Baird, that choice was simple.

"The 525s have been really reliable and great performing aircraft for us," Baird said. "We just took one of our client's Citation M2 jets from Denver to New York nonstop averaging 400 knots true airspeed. That's incredible performance for a light jet, which proves the aircraft certainly outperforms many of the published numbers on the website and the sales platforms."

"In a world of close competition, it's great to see that Textron Aviation's products overdeliver. That's a great thing to be confident that all our clients are happy with the products."Kevin Baird, Eagle Eye Aviation President

Further, Baird said, "The planes are incredibly reliable machines. The high dispatch rate is a feature that’s incredibly important to us as managers and to our clients."

But even beyond the performance of the light jets, Baird said it's the special relationship he has with Textron Aviation that has reaffirmed the decision to focus on the Citation lineup of aircraft.

"One of the main services we offer that our clients can take advantage of is the relationships we've built with team 525 and throughout the Citation world,” Baird said. “As far as a service point of view, if you are stuck somewhere, you know you're going to have the support to navigate out of that situation and get your airplane back flying."

"That is just something that comes with the territory of Textron Aviation. Their product support is unparalleled in this segment of the market."Kevin Baird, Eagle Eye Aviation President

Baird says he is no stranger to flight departments and management teams that range all shapes and sizes. He says he and his business partners have seen the good and the bad and know what it takes to please clients. From reliable aircraft to customer service, he says Eagle Eye Aviation is ready to grow.

Baird added, "We have already guided multiple clients through the transition and operation of these aircraft and are ready to expand. We utilize our experience flying these aircraft around the world and our management experience to guide our clients through the purchase process and then subsequently maintain and operate these aircraft to the highest safety standards."