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Is business aviation the answer?

Eight questions to ask before you decide

  1. Is my time more valuable now than ever before?
  2. Is my industry more competitive now than ever before?
  3. When I see my customer face-to-face, am I more likely to close deals?
  4. Does having control of my travel schedule free up time for other important things?
  5. How can I spend more time at home?
  6. Is time spent at commercial airports and on commercial aircraft unproductive and unpleasant?
  7. Are commercial airline schedules offering fewer destinations and becoming even more inconvenient?
  8. Is discussing sensitive business on a commercial flight uncomfortable?

Consider this:

A recent National Business Aviation Association study of business travel found in a flight from Des Moines, Iowa, to Chattanooga, Tennessee, a traveler would save more than seven hours of ground time and three hours of air travel time by traveling on a business aircraft. That passenger would reap nine business hours of productive time and an additional 22 hours of non-business time away from the office on that single trip by flying in a company-owned aircraft.

* The best option for scheduling purposes takes passengers through different cities for each connection
** Calculated using a Beechcraft® King Air® 250.

  • Commercial aircraft – 8:15
    3:50 with layover in Chicago*
  • Business aircraft – 4:09
    1:51 out 2:18 back**
  • Automobile – 24:00
    12:00 each way