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For Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, forming a relationship with a company that understood their needs and wants was imperative. But a company whose people they could connect with personally was just as important.

Our Storywith Textron Aviation

Growth, diversity and expansion are at the forefront of Textron Aviation. More than 250,000 of our aircraft have went into customers’ hands within the past 90 years. We’ve delivered more than 7,500 CESSNA CITATION aircraft and 97% are still in service. With Textron Aviation, your investment lives on.

Need proof? The answer is in the numbers.

Aircraft Modelsin production
New Productsin the last six years
aircraft deliveries in90 Years
Total Fleet
Flight Hours
Service Centers

A Successful HistoryA Forward Vision

Not only are we developing new, innovative products, we are also proudly touting our aircraft that have stood the test of time. We aren’t new to the business and we aren’t shying away from the future. Our strength and investment are unmatched.

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A Record OfAchievement

With more than twice as many Citation aircraft in service as Learjets, Textron Aviation is the most popular choice for businesses.





The CompletePackage

The CJ4 jet is the pinnacle of the most popular family of aircraft. Its light-jet agility, fuel economy, speed, range and cabin size offer performance and efficiency unmatched in its class — today and for years to come.

Citation CJ4 Learjet 45 Learjet 60 Learjet 75
Highest Maximum Payload 2,220 lb 1,925 lb 1,900 lb 1,950 lb
Most External Baggage Capacity 1,000 lb(70.60 ft3) 500 lb(50 ft3) 300 lb(24 ft3) 500 lb(50 ft3)
Superior Takeoff (Sea Level)(ISA,MGTOW) 3,410 ft 4,350 ft 5,450 ft 4,440 ft
Superior Takeoff (Hot and High)(5,000 FT Elevation, 25°C) 5,180 ft 7,290 ft 8,520 ft 5,690 ft
6 Passenger Range 1,879 nm 1,641 nm 1,839 nm 1,743 nm

Highest Maximum Payload

  • Citation CJ4

    2,220 lb

  • Learjet 45

    1,925 lb

  • Learjet 60

    1,900 lb

  • Learjet 75

    1,950 lb

Most External Baggage Capacity

  • Citation CJ4

    1,000 lb(70.60 ft3)

  • Learjet 45

    500 lb(50 ft3)

  • Learjet 60

    300 lb(24 ft3)

  • Learjet 75

    500 lb(50 ft3)

Superior Takeoff (Sea Level)(ISA,MGTOW)

  • Citation CJ4

    3,410 ft

  • Learjet 45

    4,350 ft

  • Learjet 60

    5,450 ft

  • Learjet 75

    4,440 ft

Superior Takeoff (Hot and High)(5,000 FT Elevation, 25°C)

  • Citation CJ4

    5,180 ft

  • Learjet 45

    7,290 ft

  • Learjet 60

    8,520 ft

  • Learjet 75

    5,690 ft

6 Passenger Range

  • Citation CJ4

    1,879 nm

  • Learjet 45

    1,641 nm

  • Learjet 60

    1,839 nm

  • Learjet 75

    1,743 nm


2 Passengers

Learjet 75

1,763 nm

Citation CJ4

1,940 nm

4 Passengers

Learjet 75

1,754 nm

Citation CJ4

1,926 nm

6 Passengers

Learjet 75

1,743 nm

Citation CJ4

1,879 nm


Textron Aviation internal estimates and guaranteed cost programs for CJ4. 500 nm stage length. Fuel price $4.45/U.S. gal. Labor rate or $125 per hour used. Source for Learjet 75: Conklin & de Decker.

A GlobalFootprint

Compared to other OEMs, Textron Aviation has established the most company-owned resources to support your Citation aircraft. We don’t stop at delivery. We continue to have your back as long as you continue to fly.

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We noticed Textron Aviation’s attention to detail. That contributed to us looking at a Citation jet more directly.

John DiMarco II, DiMarco Group President & COO

They know you by name, and you know them. You have a personal relationship, which is really critical because you’re flying an airplane that not only transports yourself, but also family, friends and business associates. Because of that, I want the work performed by the best, and in my opinion, that’s a Textron Aviation service center or MSU.

Stuart Fred, CITATION CJ4 jet owner

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Step Inside The Experience

Kriya Shortt
SVP Parts and Programs

Brian Rohloff
SVP Global Customer Support

We encourage you to experience what it’s like when you work with Textron Aviation and understand why our family is different from other aircraft manufacturers. Let us explain what we can offer by giving us a little information, and we’ll send you a personalized service report.


Evolving with YourBusiness Needs

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a family of aircraft and never have to leave? The CITATION brand offers you that experience. Among our growing fleet of business jets, you’ll discover the perfect fit for your needs.

Whether you join our family in a light, midsize or super-midsize aircraft, you always have options for upgrading and growing within the Textron Aviation fleet.

Our family provides opportunity for growth.


There is validation in numbers, and the data reveals that companies trust the Citation 560XL jet to help them conduct their business in the air and get to their destination on time.

of the 560XL family still operate today.
The 560xl family has flown out of
airports worldwide.
minutesa 560XL jet takes off.
Parts warehouse

Supportthat keeps
you flying

When it’s time to service your aircraft or if unplanned maintenance is required, expert support is only 1CALL away. We do more than maintain and modify our products. We offer you support and a promise to do everything we can to keep your business airborne.

Can your current support provider say the same?

In the case of an AOG event, 1CALL is your direct line to 24/7 support. Our team has the experience to assist by ground or air.

AOG Support

Throughout the world, we have established

so that aircraft support is always nearby.

Service Centers

Mobile Service Units

Parts Distribution

There’s no way anyone else would have dispatched my aircraft so quickly.

Marc Dulude, Citation M2 Owner

If you’re not in the area of an authorized Citation service center, Textron Aviation is very good at sending out one of their mobile service units. While the additional cost of labor to have them come out isn’t covered, it is negligible. Using Textron Aviation’s mobile service unit is like having my own worldwide network of maintenance shops. It allows me to operate a coast to coast fleet of aircraft.

Doug Wattoff, President & CEO, Millbrook Air

Ready To Take TheNext Step?

The transition is easier than you think. Start by getting in touch.

Rob Scholl
SVP, Sales

Experience what it’s like to work with Textron Aviation and understand how we differ from other aircraft manufacturers. We invite you to take the opportunity now to receive a personalized aircraft comparison report from our experts.



For over 50 years, the CITATION brand has consistently provided growing businesses with the most efficient and reliable means of travel. And there's no sign of slowing down. We never stop investing in new aircraft and services, which means you will always benefit from right-sized solutions designed to keep your company moving for years to come.

Why Citation


A true bestseller delivers the most value for the money. Companies worldwide have realized the plethora of advantages that come with investing in the CITATION LATITUDE business jet. We could tell you how it feels to step inside the cabin, or how the class-leading operating costs generate savings with every mile. But you might appreciate hearing it from a customer, one of many who made this aircraft a bestseller for three years.

Citation Latitudes
Owned by netjets

"One of the most outstanding midsize cabin jets in the industry, meeting our Owners’ and our own high standards for performance and safety."

Doug Henneberry, Executive Vice President of Aircraft Asset Management at Netjets

GlobalSupport Network

No matter how far your business range extends, it’s a relief to know that help is there for you every mile along the way. We offer general aviation’s largest global support, featuring 20 company-owned service centers worldwide. Best of all, you can always receive support directly from the people who built your aircraft. You'd expect no less of an industry leader.

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