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Why an aircraft's limited factory warranty matters

The Proof Is In The Plus

A top benefit of acquiring a factory-new Textron Aviation aircraft is the limited warranties available. With limited warranties in place, an aircraft's airframe and its components are afforded various warranty periods typically defined by calendar time or flight hours. An aircraft’s limited warranties provide operators with added convenience by simplifying the details and logistics behind service visits and warranty administration.

There’s more to a factory-new Textron Aviation aircraft’s limited warranties than meets the eye, and benefits go beyond the standard coverage many operators are familiar with.

It provides expanded coverage

A Textron Aviation factory-new aircraft’s limited warranties include OEM coverage for a variety of airframe structures like the fuselage and wings. In addition, avionics, APU and engine parts have limited warranties provided by component manufacturers.

The aircraft manufacturer’s limited warranty may also cover labor costs associated with certain maintenance events like mandatory service bulletins and letters issued during the warranty period, and unscheduled service. With both labor and parts covered under the aircraft manufacturer’s limited warranty, owners and operators benefit from streamlined service invoicing and straightforward service visits.

It reduces ProAdvantage program rates

Enrolling your aircraft in a ProAdvantage® program delivers benefits like long-term price protection for maintenance. With a factory-new Textron Aviation aircraft under its OEM limited warranty, your ProAdvantage monthly costs are also lower due to the coverage the limited warranty provides your aircraft.

It keeps you covered from on the road

Your aircraft’s limited warranty also covers Mobile Service Unit (MSU) visits for AOG events. With more than 60 Textron Aviation MSU locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, support is always nearby, and taking care of off-site maintenance is even simpler.

It leaves the hard work to us

There’s no need to spend additional time dealing with third-party vendors or tracking down claims assistance. Upon filing claims and returning core components, Textron Aviation oversees the administration of your aircraft’s limited warranties in-house, which helps ensure your claims are processed properly, saving you time along the way.


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