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Vetting a service facility

Textron Aviation’s authorized service facility keeps West Coast Adventures flying

Field Morey just returned from his latest epic adventure — flying the entire U.S. border in his Cessna® TTx®. In 11 days, he and Conrad Teitell covered 9,500 miles and flew some 59 hours. They landed in 15 states, stopping for jambalaya in Louisiana, conch fritters in the Florida Keys, lobster in Maine and brats in Wisconsin.

“The trip was perfect — on schedule, no weather delays, no mechanical issues. The TTx handled it well,” Morey, an FAA examiner for the last 38 years, said.

The veteran flight instructor and founder of West Coast Adventures in Medford, Oregon, creates flying adventures big and small for pilots like Teitell who want to develop and hone their abilities, especially their IFR and cross-country skills.

“When you’re ready to buy an airplane, go to the service centers that maintain them. Talk with the technicians to see how knowledgeable and experienced they are with that airplane.” Field Morey, owner of West Coast Adventures in Medford, Oregon

When it comes to maintaining his aircraft and keeping his business airborne, Morey only trusts Jet Center Medford, a Textron Aviation authorized service facility at the Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport, for a thorough inspection.

Capital Air Tour pilots Field Morey and Conrad Teitell pose next to the TTx that took them to 49 states in just two weeks.

“I consider Medford Jet Center a partner in West Coast Adventures. Gary Hudnall and his staff are part of my team,” he said.

Most of Morey’s adventure flights take place in beautiful locales – the Rocky Mountains, Idaho’s backcountry, even Alaska. Occasionally, a trip takes an epic turn. Just last year, Morey and Teitell tackled a similar two-week trip, flying to every capital city in the continental U.S. – 12,000 miles, 49 states and 57 airports.

“I’ve trained more than 800 instrument pilots, and always in a Cessna. Instead of flying around their local airport with a hood on for 40 hours, I take them on an adventure trip. They see real weather and learn how it feels to navigate and handle it,” Morey said.

Finding the right service center

Whether he’s planning a cross-country flight with a student or managing his company’s most important assets – a Cessna TTx and Cessna Skylane®, Morey is meticulous with the details. Over the last decade, he’s learned well-executed flights without mechanical delays ensure delighted customers, a key factor in growing his business.

“When I moved to Oregon 13 years ago, I took my 182 to a small shop. The service was unsatisfactory. I needed an organization that knows Cessna aircraft well. I went to Gary Hudnall, the service manager at Jet Center Medford. After talking with him, I felt confident he could service any Cessna product that I bought,” Morey said.

The family-owned Jet Center Medford specializes in Cessna aircraft and is part of Textron Aviation’s global service network of more than 400 authorized service facilities and 18 company-owned facilities.

Field Morey has maintenance advice for owners who use their aircraft for work: “When it’s your business on the line, you have to find a service center you can trust day in and day out. That’s why I chose an authorized Textron Aviation service center. They have the tools. They have the talent.”

“The Medford Jet Center is an authorized Textron Aviation service center. Their connection with Cessna is very important to keeping my business running smoothly. It’s the reason I chose them. I feel very, very fortunate that I made that move. They have done a fabulous job,” Morey said.

Jet Center Medford’s factory-trained technicians provide expert maintenance, repairs, inspections, parts, avionics upgrades, equipment installations, paint and other services for single-engine pistons through business aircraft. The center services aircraft from across the Pacific Northwest.

The Cessna TTx and Cessna Skylane are critical to Morey’s business. He appreciates the service facility’s responsiveness and ability to work around his busy schedule.

“I schedule my adventure flights well in advance. Sometimes I don’t have much time between the flights to take care of the maintenance. Jet Center Medford moves heaven and earth to make sure my program keeps running the way it should,” Morey said.  “They do everything possible to accommodate my schedule.”

The Cessna TTx is due for a 100-hour inspection soon. Morey says he will take it to the authorized service facility. He has come to depend on the technicians for more than inspections and regular maintenance.

“Whether it’s maintaining my (Skylane) or TTx or repairing a winch in my hangar, they are always there. If I have an issue, I call Gary and he always says ‘we’ll take care of it,’” Morey said.

Over the years, Morey has owned 11 Cessna Skylane aircraft and two TTx aircraft. His lime-green Cessna TTx, which he calls the Green Hornet, is one of his favorites. Morey logs 300 hours annually in the Cessna TTx and another 300 hours each year in the Skylane.

The border patrol adventure, as Morey calls it, was trip number 399. Trip 400 is personal.

“My wife and I are flying to the Turks and Caicos Islands in the TTx. The aircraft serves as both a business tool and a personal getaway machine,” he said. “With Medford Jet Center looking after the airplane, I know it will be another great trip.”