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Citation M2: delivering on the voice of the customer

More range and speed for single-pilot operators

The Citation® M2®, which received FAA certification in December 2013 and EASA certification in June 2014, includes advanced winglets, avionics, cabin and cockpit restyling, and new engines. In short, it’s everything Mustang® owners want in their next airplane.

“We still do the same basic trips, but the increased range and speed allow us more options than we had before.” Paul Welker, M2 owner

That piqued the attention of Paul Welker, a Mustang owner since 2009. As the founder and CEO of Sunridge Properties based in Mesa, Arizona, Welker and his brother develop commercial real estate projects with an emphasis on the hospitality sector. With projects spanning from office to industrial, development and ownership, the business routinely requires travel to locations across Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado.

Welker was drawn to the M2 because it retained everything he liked about his Mustang yet offered added benefits. “We still do the same basic trips, but the increased range and speed allow us more options than we had before,” said Welker. “We can put more people on board for our shorter trips if we need to, and the speed has been a bigger plus than we anticipated.”

As one of the earliest deliveries following certification, Welker and his team were among the first to experience added cabin comforts, including space for up to seven passengers. The cabin environment is customizable and features advanced in-cabin technologies like adjustable lighting and inflight Internet connectivity.

With new Williams FJ44-1AP engines, the M2 can achieve a maximum cruise of 404 ktas, a maximum range of 1,580 nm and a 24-minute climb to FL410. As much as Welker enjoys the comforts of his cabin, it’s the M2’s performance that stands out for him. “This is one of the biggest pluses we have enjoyed. It climbs to altitude quickly, even when it’s hot. We are regularly truing out about 410 (ktas), even with ISA +5 and higher.”

The M2’s performance, combined with Cessna’s commitment to constantly incorporating owner feedback and providing exceptional service, made the light jet the best choice for Welker and Sunridge Properties, “Cessna takes care of anything that is needed, and that is one of the main reasons we went with the M2. Our Mustang experience was very good, and the M2, thus far, has been even better.”