ProParts is a fixed cost PROADVANTAGE program designed and managed by Textron Aviation to provide a simple and predictable way for you to budget for your aircraft’s maintenance costs. The ProParts program covers airframe systems and avionics parts required for line, scheduled, and unscheduled maintenance with monthly payments based on reported flight hours. The ProParts program makes budgeting for your aircraft’s costs simple and consistent.

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Why Choose ProParts?


  • Single source for OEM and aftermarket parts
  • Dedicated analyst to assist with account management
  • If parts usage value exceeds cumulative payment at expiration, you pay nothing more
  • ProAdvantage Dashboard, your central source for all your programs information


  • Predictable and guaranteed cost per flight hour to cover maintenance costs
  • Long term contractual price protection
  • Costs are spread over the term of the contract, eliminating large peaks and valleys


  • Save an average of 15% on yearly parts costs
  • Cash efficiency bonus return possible at contract expiration or aircraft sale
  • Enhances value of aircraft with OEM original or authorized parts and services

Eligible Aircraft

  • Cessna Citation
  • Cessna Caravan
  • Beechcraft King Air
  • Hawker
  • Cessna by Textron Aviation logo


    • Citation Mustang-510
    • Citation CJ, CJ+, M2, CJ2+, CJ3+, CJ4+-525
    • Citation II (Unit 624 & Newer), Bravo-550
    • Citation V, Ultra, Encore+, Excel, XLS+-560
    • Citation III, VI, VII-650
    • Citation Sovereign+-680
    • Citation Latitude-680A
    • Citation X+-750A
    • Citation Longitude-700
  • Cessna by Textron Aviation logo


    • Caravan-208/Grand Caravan-208B (with factory installed G1000)
    • Grand Caravan EX-208B
  • Beechcraft by Textron Aviation logo


    • King Air 90 series
    • King Air 200 series
    • King Air 300 series
  • Hawker by Textron Aviation logo


    • Hawker 400 series
    • Hawker 750 series
    • Hawker 800 series
    • Hawker 900 series

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