Top Hawk 2019

Top Hawk SchoolsTop Hawk is leading the way for collegiate aviation programs to continue training the next generation of pilots. Top Hawk is a partnership between Textron Aviation and top university aviation schools to provide students with access to the world’s most popular trainer, the Cessna® Skyhawk®.

Select universities will participate in Top Hawk to promote general aviation and connect future pilots to higher education. Universities will receive a factory new, custom branded Cessna Skyhawk to use for the duration of the program to promote aviation at air shows, aviation contests, and recruiting events. Top Hawk aircraft also allow schools to showcase their connection to Textron Aviation’s reputable internship program and support discovery flights and learn to fly programs.

Congratulations to Ohio University, Oklahoma State University, Texas Southern University and Utah Valley University, who are participating in the 2019 Top Hawk program to promote general aviation and connect future pilots to higher education!

Ohio University
For more than 70 years, Ohio University has trained pilots and aviation professionals who create for good by keeping passengers, crew and cargo safe – whether on the ground or at 30,000 feet. The Russ College of Engineering and Technology prepares students to take off in the cockpit or ready aircraft for flight through our bachelor’s degree programs in aviation flight and aviation management, or our two-year aviation technology associate’s degree program. We offer a cutting-edge fleet of planes with glass cockpits at our own airport -- as well as research opportunities with the Avionics Engineering Center on cutting-edge navigation and cockpit technologies with organizations like the FAA and NASA. Students get involved with the Flying Bobcats flight team, Women in Aviation International, the American Association of Airport Executives, the Alpha Eto Rho aviation professional organization, and our Learning Communities. Our faculty are flight instructors with backgrounds in military aviation, air traffic control, and aircraft maintenance – and they also hold advanced certificates and ratings from organizations such as the Council on Aviation Accreditation, the University Aviation Association, and the Ohio Council on Aerospace Education. They’re supported by a group of full-time flight instructors, student flight instructors and flight dispatchers. The flight training program is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and operates under the FAR Part 141 pilot school certificate. Graduates go onto a variety of postgraduate opportunities, and have landed careers with NetJets, regional airlines, the United States military and Ohio University.

Oklahoma State University
With a rich tradition of excellence and a storied history, Oklahoma State University aviation is the fastest-growing program in the College of Education, Health and Aviation. Our program enrolls more than 300 students annually, offering undergraduate degrees in aerospace logistics, aerospace security, aviation management, professional pilot and technical service management. We are also one of only 18 universities in the nation to offer graduate-level aviation degrees. Oklahoma State is among the 15 percent of flight training schools that is accredited by the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI) and also an institutional member of University Aviation Association (UAA). We are also authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to issue the Restricted Airline Transport Pilot certificate. Students have access to our impressive fleet of aircraft, including Cessna 172 (2011-2016 models) and Piper Seminole multi-engine planes (2017 models) equipped with top-of-the-line Garmin G1000 all-glass avionics systems. High-tech simulators, including the full-motion and enclosed cockpit RedBird MCX, provide enhanced training for aspiring pilots. We are committed to providing students with a broad scope of options and training within the aerospace industry. Our holistic approach allows students to balance time spent perfecting their craft while taking advantage of all OSU has to offer. Whether they aspire to be pilots, air traffic controllers, airport managers or other aviation professionals, our graduates are ready to serve on a global scale.

Texas Southern University
Texas Southern University’s groundbreaking Aviation Science & Technology program is the only school in Texas that offers a combined Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Science Management and, beginning just four years ago, a Bachelor of Science degree as a Professional Pilot. TSU operates three aircraft as well as two Red Bird simulators. TSU has configured these Redbird Simulators as Cessna 172 Skyhawks, which is consistent with its all-Cessna fleet. Texas Southern University is the nation’s second largest Historically Black College & University. Located in the heart of Houston, the nation’s fourth largest city, TSU was designated by the Texas Legislature as a special purpose institution – with a commitment to provide urban programming and research for its students. Unfortunately, African-American pilots represent only 2.7 percent of all pilots in the country. Hispanic and Asian-American pilots are also underrepresented. This makes TSU’s program a critical resource for the next generation of minority pilots and aviation professionals. On campus, the TSU aviation program has several training labs. In the Air Traffic Control (ATC) Lab, students learn the rules and regulations as they pertain to air traffic control. The ATC Lab is well equipped to provide real time radio familiarization. The Flight Training Lab is equipped with eight Flight Desktop Simulators and two Fixed Training Devices. The primary purpose of the flight training lab is to give students hands-on experience on the ground and to understand the basic fundamentals of flight. The results have been reflected by the students’ outstanding performance once they are flying the aircraft.

Utah Valley University
The School of Aviation Sciences at Utah Valley University is the premier collegiate aviation program in the state of Utah and has been in operation since 1988. Our aviation degree offerings are available in both traditional and online format with students across the nation. At UVU we start with your end goal in mind and take seriously our role in helping you get there. Having trained and educated thousands of FAA-certified pilots and aviation industry professionals, uncompromising safety standards, career-based training, and top-notch quality are the themes of what we do. Whatever you aspire to become in the world of aviation, our Professional Pilot and Aviation Management curricula are designed to provide you with the necessary knowledge, certifications, opportunities and experience to boost you along your chosen career path. While many of our students obtain internships and jobs while still in school, the flexibility and affordability of our online program allows them to continue their education while gaining direct experience in their field. At UVU you can truly graduate with a degree AND a resume.

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