Top Hawk 2021

Top Hawk Schools

Top Hawk is leading the way for aviation programs to continue training the next generation of pilots. Top Hawk is a partnership between Textron Aviation and top aviation schools to provide students with access to the world’s most popular trainer, the CESSNA SKYHAWK.

Select universities and Cessna Pilot Centers will participate in Top Hawk to promote general aviation and connect future pilots to higher education. They will receive a factory new, custom branded Cessna Skyhawk to use for the duration of the program to promote aviation at air shows, aviation contests, and recruiting events. Top Hawk aircraft also allow schools to showcase their connection to Textron Aviation’s reputable internship program and support discovery flights and learn to fly programs.

Congratulations to SoCal Pilot Center, Mike Smith Aviation, Louisville Aviation, Lanier Flight Center and Wichita State University, who are participating in the 2021 Top Hawk program to promote general aviation and connect future pilots to higher education!

SoCal Pilot Center
Initially founded as a US Training Satellite for EuroPilot Center (located in Antwerp, Belgium), SoCal Pilot Center started its flight training activities in the beautiful Coachella Valley (California,) around mid 2015.

The school quickly obtained non-provisional Part 141 approval and beside all FAA certificates and ratings, SoCal Pilot Center is now renowned for offering all modular EASA programs in the USA as well.

With a strong customer oriented focus, SoCal Pilot Center delivers "Personal Training, In Style”. The international staff of experienced professionals, and the team of full-time, dedicated Flight Instructors with extensive Airline/Management background deliver high-quality training, whereby passion for aviation is key.

By offering a “Glass-cockpit fleet only” including recent model Skyhawks, Redbird full-motion simulators as well as in-house developed iOS/Android Apps and Academic EASA/FAA Compliant iBooks, SoCal Pilot Center guarantees an unmatched customer experience using the very latest technology.

While the vast majority of EuroPilot and SoCal Pilot Center’s customers are Career oriented, providing professional training and guidance to aspiring business-jet owners, is also an important part of its business.

As a proud Textron Aviation affiliated Cessna Pilot Center, we are looking forward to further expand all flight training activities worldwide in the next few years.

Mike Smith Aviation
A glimpse into activities at Mike Smith Aviation will better describe the company Mike and Kimberly have built. This day begins with Grace’s private pilot practical test. She’s nervous, but having dedicated countless hours to training, she exudes confidence. At the same time, student pilot Trevor is briefing with his instructor for a flight that may result in his first solo. At the chart table, two pilots are being coached on Bay Area airspace in preparation for a sightseeing flight around San Francisco. The school is a hive of industry. An ordinary, yet extraordinary day.

Mike Smith Aviation’s fleet started with two airplanes, and has grown to include five Cessnas from the Skycatcher to the Skyhawk SP, and two Beechcraft Duchesses for multi engine training. Based at the Napa County Airport, Mike Smith Aviation is situated perfectly to include complex airspace and rural practice areas. What’s more, Mike Smith Aviation uses the most tried and true ground schools available. “Mike and I got our start with King Schools, and those tools are still the best in the world,” Kimberly points out. “Cessna and King Schools are trans generational, and continue to be the most effective tools in the training industry.”

Mike and Kimberly started Mike Smith Aviation because they share the philosophy that every day should be extraordinary. Leading an outstanding team and helping pilots achieve their goals is profoundly gratifying. Having found a home in the heart of wine country, Smith Aviation plans to grow and continue sharing the very best of flying with all who aspire to excellence.

Louisville Aviation was started in 1999 at Bowman Field in Louisville, Kentucky using the concept that flight training should be fun, challenging, exciting and inviting to everyone. We wanted everyone to fly when the weather was good and come in with coffee and hangar fly with others when the weather wasn’t conducive for flying. We wanted to attract and retain the best instructors available in the area and we have been able to accomplish this by applying things we learned while flying in college at Michigan State. We started with one 1965 Cessna 172 in 1999 and now we have thirteen airplanes including Cessna 172s, Cessna 310s, a Cessna 195, a Bell 47 Helicopter and a 1947 Republic Seabee.

We are different than most schools because we actually fly for fun on our days off. We take trips, we land in the river and we fly helicopters to off airport locations for fun. If we aren’t flying for fun, we are flying at our airlines. On our layovers we go visit the small airports in the area. We are airplane guys and gals. We also help our students get to the service academies, military units, airlines or corporations after their training with us. We can take our students from zero experience all the way through their ATP ratings and into the airlines as a Part 61 school. We are approved for Credentialing Assistance with the US Army and we have partnered with a four year university to serve as one of their flight schools in their degree programs. One of the most exciting facets of our area is that we have a major airline operating five miles away at the Louisville International airport. Being able to share airspace with and land next to 747s and 757s and knowing that it’s quite possible to end up flying one of those in the future provides a very tangible long term goal!

We are truly a full service operation with a DPE on staff, an AME on staff and the only FAA written testing center in central Kentucky. We use the Cessna Pilot Center training kit for commonality among all students and instructors and for tracking of training and progression.

We continue to excel, expand, adapt, improve and have fun in this crazy industry!

Lanier Flight Center
Founded in 2003, Lanier Flight Center, LLC., currently operates out of Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport (KGVL) in Gainesville, Georgia, as well as DeKalb-Peachtree Airport in Chamblee, near the heartbeat of one of America’s major aviation centers, Atlanta.

Originally, Lanier Flight Center, LLC., purchased its first Aircraft in 2003; we contacted Cessna about the “Cessna Pilot Program” and a brand-new Cessna 172 was put on our ramp. We still have those airplanes today. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop flight school ready to train the next generation of pilots for years to come!

Lanier Flight Center, LLC., offers the most effective training system in aviation. Our meticulously maintained Cessna Aircraft are extremely stable and very forgiving, meaning you will train in the safest possible environment. And our computer-based interactive instruction works hand-in-hand with your actual flight experience — allowing you to preview your next training flight before you even take off.

We have been viewed as the best flight school in the Atlanta area, as defined by the popular comparison of our employees, services, and products. All are invited to visit our facility, meet our professional staff, and inspect our airplanes. See why we deserve the privilege of being YOUR flight training center!

Being a Cessna Pilot Center Part 141 or Part 61 Flight School allows for a straightforward approach via. a proven curriculum. As an authorized Cessna Pilot Center (CPC), Lanier Flight Center, LLC., offers the most effective aviation training system around.

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