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Your support of Uplift, Textron Aviation’s employee-managed not-for-profit, assists colleagues in financial need and improves the community where you live. In addition to helping your friends and coworkers, your donations provide funding for nearly 200 different community programs, ranging from early childhood development to catastrophic relief services to food and shelter programs. 

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What is Uplift?

Uplift is an employee-managed, 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization covering all U.S. based locations. The Uplift Fund features a board comprised of Textron Aviation employees from a variety of levels and functions throughout the company. The purpose of Uplift is to offer assistance to employees in financial need and to improve our community. While the majority of its funds raised support United Way, the remaining funds are retained to assist Textron Aviation employees in times of catastrophic need or are contributed to support additional non-profit organizations.

If you are an employee or family member of a Textron Aviation employee and need to request assistance for catastrophic needs, please call the Uplift hotline at 316-517-7979. A representative will work with you to submit your request.