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San Antonio International Airport (SAT)
One Cessna Drive
San Antonio, TX 78216
United States
(210) 357-6120



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Aircraft Serviced

All Citation, Caravan, Beechcraft, and Hawker products.

Chris Provencio

Meet Our General Manager

Chris began his flying career in the U.S. Air Force and became a Textron Aviation demo pilot in Wichita in 1996. From 2001 to 2014, he assumed the role of chief pilot. Throughout that time, Chris worked closely with the Cessna Pilots Association, helped write ops manuals and oversaw worldwide operations for everything from Caravan® to Citation® aircraft. Chris moved to San Antonio in 2014 to become general manager of the San Antonio Service Center. His extensive experience as a pilot helps him truly understand aircraft from a real-world customer perspective.

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Mobile Service Units

Unmatched Expertise

The San Antonio Service Center is certified to repair Citation@reg;,Caravan, King Air® and Hawker® aircraft. Our highly skilled technicians and dedicated management provide exceptional, personalized service. The center is ideally sized, allowing you to get to know our technicians and staff.

Foreign Repair Approval

Our location has earned DGAC foreign repair approval, which enables us to maintain aircraft arriving from Mexico. We pride ourselves on having an entirely bilingual staff to help meet the needs of our international customers.

Unparalleled Skill

Your aircraft deserves the attention of the best in the industry. Our staff averages 12 years of experience in the aviation industry. We specialize in avionics modifications and sheet metal projects such as winglet installations. Our large, highly mobile road-trip crew handles roughly 1,600 MSU events per year with a reach that stretches from Texas to Louisiana.

Service That's Personal

For any questions or a fast turn-around quote contact:

+1.844.44.TXTAV | +1.316.517.8270 International

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