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What kind of aircraft data can be transmitted to LinxUs?

Currently for Garmin equipped aircraft, the following data can be transmitted. (You're free to set aircraft transmit preferences the way you want).

  • Aircraft Faults and root cause identification (Avionics/Airframe Systems/Engines)
  • Engine Service Message information
  • Engine Exceedances data
  • Engine Trend data
  • Full time AReS (Aircraft Recording System) data
  • CAS message log

LinxUs displays the same logged data that is available on the aircraft MFD, plus much more.

What equipment do I need to transmit diagnostic data?

Garmin GSR56 (Sat Receiver)
To transmit immediately in flight via the worldwide Iridium satellite network, your aircraft must be equipped with a Garmin GSR56 Satellite Receiver.

Garmin GDL59 (Data Link)
To transmit via Wi-Fi on the ground, your aircraft must be equipped with a Garmin GDL59 (Wi-Fi Datalink). If you have a mobile hotspot, or a wireless router in your hangar or base of operation, this will allow the GDL59 to connect to the internet (via a secure pipe) to transmit your data.The GDL59 and GSR56 are installed as standard equipment on the following models:

  • Citation Longitude
  • Citation Latitude
  • Citation Sovereign +

The GDL59 and GSR56 are optional on other Garmin equipped models.

Options M2® CJ3®+ Latitude® Sovereign®+ Longitude®
GDL59 (Wi-Fi) 675 or 675A 675 or 675A STD STD STD
GSR56 (Iridium) 675 or 675A 675 or 675A STD* STD* STD

*Standard on 2016 and on model serial numbers starting with 680-0556 and 680A-0024.
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What are my costs?

LinxUs Services
A continual LinxUs subscription is provided to you at no cost. LinxUs benefits continue with transfer of aircraft ownership.

Data Transmit from Your Airplane
Wi-Fi transmit is free. Iridium transmit through LinxUs Air is provided completely free for one year from new aircraft delivery date, or from subscription activation date for eligible aircraft in the field. Iridium transmit is the best way to get critical data sent off the airplane right away and wherever you are.

Where can I connect my aircraft?

A. Data may be sent IN AIR or on ground using your Garmin GSR56 Satellite Receiver and the Iridium satellite network.

B. You can use your own Wi-Fi network on the ground using the Garmin GDL59 Wi-Fi Data-link. The GDL59 is disabled in air. Your airplane will also connect to Wi-Fi at Textron Aviation Performance Centers.

Where does my data go and who has access to it?

Maintenance data is transmitted from your airplane in a binary encrypted format. Your data is passed through to the LinxUs server every 3 minutes. It can take up to six minutes (from time of transmit) for data availability on LinxUs, although it usually appears within a couple of minutes.

Once received at Textron Aviation, the data may be viewed by the Owner/ Operator on this site (LinxUs). Additionally, the Textron Aviation product support team may view this data for the purposes of troubleshooting your aircraft. Textron Aviation personnel are prohibited from forwarding this data outside the company in any form. Data notification and forwarding preferences are set by the Owner/Operator on the LinxUs My Account page.

How fast will LinxUs send me an email notification when my airplane has a fault in flight?

Depending on server batch process - at most 6 minutes.

Can I send engine trend data to my Trend Monitoring Provider?

Yes, LinxUs supports a completely hands off approach to engine trending with automatic data delivery to your trend provider.