The August deadline to comply with the European safety regulation, Part-NCC, is quickly approaching. To keep your missions flying smoothly and in compliance throughout EASA Member States, Textron Aviation provides support to help Citation®, Beechcraft® and Hawker® customers meet Part-NCC requirements.

What is Part-NCC?

EASA Part-NCC is the requirement of each operator to adhere to the same essential requirements as commercial air transport operators. Instead of holding an ACO, operators must submit a declaration to the local authorities about their operation.

Does Part-NCC affect you?

Part-NCC requirement will apply in Europe as of August 25, 2016. Part-NCC affects all non-commercial operators utilizing complex motor-powered aircraft registered within the EASA Member States. This also applies to aircraft registered in a non – EASA state where the operator is established or residing in an EASA state, including N- registered aircraft owned by European residents.

What is a complex motor-powered aircraft?

Any aircraft pertaining to one or more of the bullets below is considered to be a complex motor-powered aircraft.

  • Heavier than 5.700 kg MTOW
  • More than 19 passengers
  • Equipped with a single or multiple turbojet engine(s)
  • Operation with a minimum crew of two pilots

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