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The Citation Excel is perfect for charter operations

Low direct operating costs (DOCs)

Low operating costs mean your charter business can run at maximum efficiency day in and day out. The midsize-jet amenities of the Citation® Excel aircraft give your passengers the comfort they demand, while the light-jet cost allows you to operate in the green. This includes MSG-3, which results in fewer maintenance intervals, meaning lower costs for the charter owner.

Citation Excel DOCs
(700 nm, Conklin & de Decker*)
Average Speed 404 kts
Average Fuel Flow 214 gal/hr
Fuel Cost ($4.45/gal) $952.80
Labor Cost ($125/man-hr) $275.00
Parts Cost $153.16
Engine Reserves $444.00
APU Reserves $55.44
TOTAL $1,879.90
Per Nautical Mile $4.65

*Based on the Citation Excel Operating Manual's Planning and Performance section for 700-nm stage length.

Cabin Comfort

Keep your customers comfortably content with luxurious seating and plenty of head and shoulder room. Seating for up to seven helps you find that perfect balance that allows you to transport more passengers while keeping the experience spacious and relaxed.

The APU Advantage

In your line of work, finding ways to be more efficient is a primary focus. The auxiliary power unit (APU) in the Citation Excel supports cockpit systems, allowing the flight crew to do their checks before engine start, saving time in departure to streamline the flight experience. The APU also allows for adjustable cabin temperatures while on the ramp, providing the perfect atmosphere for a productive and comfortable trip before you even take off.

Outstanding Reliability

The high reliability of the Citation Excel will keep your operation up and running on schedule. That means passengers will get there when they need to and charter owners will get paid on time.

A midsizeCabin Experience

with light-jetCost & Efficiency

Great Value

Drive your business to success with lower initial costs but still enjoy the financial boost of a new aircraft. Keep your charter business profitable with the cabin experience of a midsize jet paired with light-jet cost and efficiency.

Baggage compartment

Your customers can take more during their flight with a spacious baggage compartment. The ability to carry more for your passengers is just another perk that adds to the overall experience to keep them coming back again and again.

More roomFor suitcases, briefcases and carry-ons

19,681 parts available.94% on hand and ready to ship.

Parts Availability

The Excel has 19,681 parts available through Textron Aviation Parts and Distribution, 94% of which are on hand and ready to ship.

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