Keep Your Cool.
Stay cool on the tarmac and enjoy a more comfortable flight.

Beating the heat is easier when you don’t have to wait to be airborne for air conditioning. With King Air Ground Cooling installed on your BEECHCRAFT KING AIR 200/300 series turboprop, you can provide cooling into the cabin simply by plugging in a Ground Power Unit (GPU). It’s the smartest solution to keeping your aircraft comfortable while still on the tarmac or even before you get to the hangar.

Available exclusively through Textron Aviation Service Centers.


  • R-134a vapor cycle cooling system
  • Provides on-demand cooling into cabin from aft pressure bulkhead while plugged into dedicated GPU recptacle
  • Non-primary, ground-only operation isolated from onboard electrical and environmental systems
  • FAA Supplemental Type Certification (STC) currently available; additional foreign certification to follow
  • Available on King Air 200/300 series aircraft
  • Blower output air temperatures are typically 20-30 degrees cooler than cabin intake air temperatures


  • System weight: 60 lb
  • Down time: 2 weeks
  • Contact Textron Aviation Aftermarket Sales for aircraft configuration

The unit quickly cools your cabin, so you’re comfortable right when you step on the aircraft. Installation time is minimal, so you can have your upgraded King Air turboprop back on the runway faster.

Note: avionics shelf modification may be required for earlier model aircraft or aircraft equipped with existing optional installs or other aftermarket modifications.

Combine Your Services

If you’re planning to update your Beechcraft King Air turboprop with any other performance-enhancing upgrades like the IS&S THRUSTSENSE Autothrottle or an interior refurbishment, consider adding the King Air Ground Cooling installation.

You’ll limit the time your aircraft is in the hangar and create added efficiency by combining your King Air Ground Cooling installation with any other scheduled maintenance or modification appointment.

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