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Backed by a strong history of vibration and motion control products, Parker Lord offers a wide array of innovative solutions to support and protect critical aircraft systems and components.

Shop our best-selling Parker Lord engine mounts, cowl mounts, shimmy dampers and instrument shock mounts.

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Lord engine mount J6545-1

Engine Mounts

Parker Lord engine mounts provide superior performance and life at all levels of general aviation. Shop popular Parker Lord engine mounts:

LM600-9 Engine Mount
J9613-49 Engine Mount
J6545-1 Engine Mount

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Cowl Mounts

Shop best-selling Parker Lord cowl mounts:

J7444-14 Cowl Mount
J7444-24 Cowl Mount

J7444-24 Lord Cowl Mount
Lord SE1068-5 Shimmy Dampers

Shimmy Dampers

Parker Lord fluid-free shimmy dampers offer a zero-maintenance design with high-performance damping and vibration control. Shop popular Parker Lord shimmy dampers:

SE-1051-2 Shimmy Damper
SE-1051-2 Shimmy Damper

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