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Tempest® is recognized for its leading lines of pneumatic, ignition, and filtration products. Purchase your Tempest® aircraft parts with competitive pricing, efficient shipping, and exceptional customer support only Textron Aviation can provide.

AA244CW Tempest Dry Air Pump

Dry Air Pumps

Tempest® dry air pumps and tornado dry air pumps are FAA-PMA approved and meet the demands of today’s light and high-performance Cessna® and Beechcraft® aircraft.

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Oil Filters

Tempest® Spin EZ® filters are the only aviation oil filters made in a state-of-the-art aviation oil filter plant built solely for manufacturing aviation oil filters.

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AA48103-2 Tempest Oil Filter


Tempest fittings

Pneumatic Filters

Tempest® pneumatic filters are FAA-PMA approved and use 0.3-micron filtration elements for protection against outside contaminants. Tempest® pneumatic filters are designed to improve pneumatic system performance for your Cessna® or Beechcraft® aircraft.

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Tempest® fittings are FAA-PMA approved and designed to improve pneumatic system performance. Manufactured of light weight thin wall steel tubing, the fittings have smooth tube bends that permit even air flow with minimal restrictions.

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Tempest fittings


Tempest Fine Wire Iridium Spark Plugs

Spark Plugs

Tempest® provides the most innovative spark plug in the aviation industry for your Cessna® or Beechcraft® aircraft, with a bright nickel finish and high alumina ceramic insulators with “Clean Collar” tips; for longer service life and optimal performance.

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Vacuum Regulators

Tempest® pneumatic valves are FAA-PMA approved. These valves are lightweight and designed to accurately control the air pressures in your pneumatic system.

AA2h3-12 Tempest Vacuum Regulator

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