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Coolview Windows

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Welcome to a new era in aviation visibility – Textron Aviation proudly presents King Air CoolView® Windows by Lee Aerospace. This revolutionary technology transcends mere visibility, ushering in a paradigm shift for pilots and passengers alike.

Why Choose CoolView Windows?

CoolView® is an advanced thin metallic barrier system designed for aircraft transparencies. Engineered to elevate your journey with benefits such as:

  • Enhanced Comfort: Experience cooler cabin temperatures for a more comfortable travel environment.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Enjoy an improved appearance, adding a touch of sophistication to your aircraft.
  • Interior Protection: Safeguard your aircraft's interior with the durable CoolView® system.

Choose CoolView® Windows for a revolutionized aviation experience – where visibility meets innovation.

*Please note the supplier part numbers and the Textron Aviation part numbers refer to the same part.

Cabin Window photo

Cabin Windows

Block the sun's heat and enjoy up to 73% cooler cabins with Coolview® advanced technology.

LA101-430183-570 CABIN WINDOW CV

Aft Compartment Tear Drop Windows

The teardrop shape provides passengers with breathtaking panoramas of the sky and scenery below, adding to the overall flying experience.

LA101-440042-370 Window, Aft CV LH
LA101-440042-470 Window, Aft CV RH

AFT Compartment Tear Drop Window photo

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