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  • Market Assist

    Leverage our global network of sales experts to sell your aircraft hassle-free with Textron Aviation’s Market Assist program. We have access to exclusive resources to sell your aircraft quickly, for little to no additional costs. No one in the pre-owned business offers lower fees.

  • Trade-In

    From aircraft valuation to aircraft trade-in, our service is focused on simplifying the trade process and coordinating the details with your new aircraft delivery. There are several benefits to trading your aircraft to the manufacturer, one being a hassle-free experience. Our 80+ years of experience in handling aircraft transactions has allowed us to create a smooth and seamless process. We are also able to provide you accurate trade numbers backed by our real-time market analysis giving you the assurance you are getting a competitive trade number.

  • Cost calculation

    Textron Aviation has an unparalleled ability to predict costs for labor and materials. Our team of dedicated experts have exclusive access to maintenance requirements, fleet history and program pricing to provide customers with the most precise cost calculations in the pre-owned industry.

  • Finance

    No matter your situation, we have a creative financial solution that is right for you. With the support of Textron Financial Corporation there are a variety of financing options for a stress-free and convenient pre-owned buying experience.

  • Parts and Programs

    Our ProAdvantage® programs are your best tool for containing costs associated with maintaining your aircraft, providing precise and predictable maintenance protection for parts, labor, engines and APU. ProAdvantage® provides an umbrella of protection for nearly every working part of your aircraft – even wear-out items. You’ll have the convenience of a single point of contact to handle any questions or concerns, as well as expedited turnaround times on service events. Eliminate risk and rest easy - we’ve got you covered!™

  • Upgrades with Ease

    Service capabilities and parts availability vary widely from avionic and airframe modifications to exterior paint. With a full range of upgrades and services, you can optimize your aircraft’s value by bringing it up to new aircraft standards, lowering operating costs and enhancing reliability. We handle all the coordination for any upgrades or custom installations to ensure your pre-owned aircraft is exactly how you want it when you take delivery.

  • Global Service Network

    Our goal at Textron Aviation is to be there for you when and where you need us. If one of our 19 world-wide company owned service facilities is not convenient, we'll dispatch one of our 60 Mobile Service Units to come to you. Additionally, with just 1CALL (+ 1.316.517.2090), our technical experts can provide immediate aircraft support and also assist you with any requests regarding maintenance, inspections, parts, repairs, avionics upgrades, equipment installations, paint services and much more.