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Textron Aviation is your source for Pratt & Whitney component solutions for your CESSNA, BEECHRAFT, and HAWKER aircraft.

Part Number Description
3015191 Plain Seal, 1 sq ft, 1.625 x .375 Shop Now
3022374 Plain Seal, 0.615 sq ft, 1.1305 x .250 Shop Now
3022375 Plain Seal, 0.865 sq ft, 0.38 Shop Now
3026652 Plain Seal, 3.436 shaft, 4.5 x 0.515 Shop Now
3059046-01 Plain Seal, 0.938 shaft Shop Now
30A1325 Seal Ring Shop Now
30B6462-01 Magentic Face Seal Shop Now
30B7405-01 Carbon Face Seal Shop Now
30B7406-01 Carbon Face Seal Shop Now
3114661-01 Plain Seal, 3.426 shaft Shop Now
3121688-01 Plain Seal, 4.125 sq ft Shop Now
31B5612-01 Meta Seal Ring, 0.492 x 0.0195 Shop Now
31J1300-01 Plain Seal Shop Now
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