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Our employees' health and safety is a top priority. We offer comprehensive health benefits as part of your employment at Textron Aviation should you or your families need medical, dental or vision care.

Please review the information on this page about the new, no deductible healthcare plan, available beginning in 2021. We will share more details about this new plan, as well as other enhancements to 2021 benefits ahead of the 2021 U.S. Annual Enrollment of Benefits that takes place November 12 – 27.

Learn more about the medical benefits offered to Textron Aviation employees from Senior Vice President of Operations, Brad White.


Get the facts about Textron Aviation’s medical benefits.

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Current Plans

Review the current plans we offer.

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No Deductible Plan

Learn about the *new, no deductible plan* option available in 2021.

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Retirement Plan Differences

Retirement plan benefits under the proposed contract language.

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Medical Plan Premiums and Maximum Out-of-Pocket

See the plan premiums and out-of-pocket maximums.

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