Garmin G5000 Meet the Flight Deck of the Future

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Touchscreen Control Puts Flight-Critical Data at Your Fingertips

Enhance your CESSNA CITATION EXCEL and XLS aircraft with the GARMIN G5000 avionics upgrade and tap into the power of the future’s most advanced flight deck.

Textron Aviation was the industry leader in obtaining Garmin G5000 FAA certification for Part 25 aircraft – the Cessna Citation Excel and XLS and we’re proud to offer this intuitive, fully integrated flight deck. Equipped with the latest satellite-based navigation capabilities, this next generation upgrade has the power to lower operating costs while optimizing your aircraft’s resale value.

Efficiency and reliability at your fingertips:

  • Touchscreen interface with shallow menus and audible feedback.
  • Graphical display technologies for enhanced crew coordination.
  • Integrated engine-indicating and crew-altering system (EICAS).
  • Compatible with Garmin CONNEXT connectivity options like satellite weather, voice calling and inflight text messaging.

Tap Into a World of Benefits

With the ability to customize information to your personal, in-flight preferences while gaining access to our global service network with a Textron Aviation installation, the Garmin G5000 instantly proves to be a wise investment.

Increase your clarity and eliminate clutter with touchscreen controls. Large, WXGA high-resolution displays replace mechanical knobs and selector switches, making for smoother operations.

The Garmin G5000 avionics system also makes updating your technology and cockpit software even easier. As new technology becomes available, you can easily add the latest equipment and software, including NextGen and SESAR.

Get Your Garmin G5000 Expertly Installed

If you’re ready to enhance your aircraft with the Garmin G5000 avionics system, our Aftermarket support team is ready to help. You’ll gain instant access to general aviation’s largest global support network and endless solutions built to keep you moving.

Get added efficiency when you couple installation of your Garmin G5000 avionics system with any other update. It’s the smart way to upgrade your aircraft while reducing the time spent in the hangar.

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