Flying like a pro starts with a modern touch. The PRO LINE FUSION avionics upgrade for CESSNA CITATION CJ1+, CJ2+ and CJ3 aircraft offers all capabilities to navigate modern airspace. With improved situational awareness and electronic chart integration, pilots will experience a lighter workload in today’s airspace.

Pro Line Fusion allows you to remain up to date on aviation mandates and enhance your flying experience with:

  • ADS-B Out
  • WAAS capable GPS
  • Dual Flight Management System (LPV-capable)
  • Synthetic Vision
  • Departure Clearance Service (DCL) and other Text Messaging Capabilities (CPDLC)

The Pro Line Fusion avionics system is FAA certified for Cessna Citation CJ3 aircraft, with pending certification on Cessna Citation CJ1+ and CJ2+ aircraft (est. Fall 2020). Software upgrades for existing Pro Line Fusion Citation CJ3 aircraft will follow the FAA certification of Citation CJ1+ and CJ2+ aircraft. Launch incentives are available now for the Fall 2020 release.


  • Touch-screen toolbar that adapts to each display window, providing shortcuts to the most commonly performed tasks.
  • Reduced workload through elimination of CAS light panel and small displays in the pedestal.
  • Three interchangeable 14-inch touch-screen flight displays to maximize availability of information.
  • Built-in geo-referenced electronic navigation charts that display “own-ship” aircraft position for enhanced situational awareness.
  • Graphical Flight Planning with high-resolution terrain, weather overlays, obstacles and geopolitical boundaries.
  • Pilot-configurable primary and multifunction display windows that can show any system information.


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