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With over 90 years of experience designing, engineering, manufacturing and servicing aircraft, Textron Aviation delivers industry-leading expertise to business travelers and aviation enthusiasts alike. We have garnered a proven track record as the service provider of choice for aircraft owners. After all, no one knows the aviation industry better than the experts who built it.


With company-owned service centers nationwide, we can equip your aircraft with ADS-B Out before the EASA deadline on 7 December 2020. Our service centers approach each inspection and installation with technology-driven expertise that reduces downtime and gets you back in the air, fast.

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To deliver your aircraft the highest quality of service, our technicians, expert engineers and field service representatives work closely together to provide the most capable service network, supporting customers around the globe.


  • What is ADS-B?

    Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) is a tracking technology that determines an aircraft’s position via satellite navigation. This technology supports the Next Generation Air Traffic Control System, which will replace ground-based radar with global positioning systems. ADS-B Out allows the aircraft to broadcast its position, altitude and velocity to air traffic controllers and ground vehicles. When the aircraft can receive this information, it is called ADS-B In, which is not yet required by the EASA. This combined technology will raise situational awareness both in the air and on the ground. Plus, increased capacity and efficiency of airspace and expanded ATC surveillance.

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  • What is ADS-B Out?

    ADS-B Out broadcasts your aircraft identification, position, altitude and velocity to air traffic controllers, ground vehicles and other aircraft equipped with ADS-B In.

    Equipment required for ADS-B Out:

    • WAAS-capable GPS receiver
    • Upgraded transponders
    • Capability to input flight ID
    • Software and hardware upgrades for data routing
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  • What is the ADS-B Out mandate?

    On 7 December 2020, aircraft flying IFR or general air traffic in Europe with a maximum certified takeoff weight greater than 5,700 kg (12,566 lb) or a maximum cruising true airspeed greater than 250 ktas must meet the ADS-B Out equipage requirement. Once equipped, these aircraft will be able to fly in ADS-B airspace anywhere around the world. Operators with a program have the opportunity to install through 1 January 2023.

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  • Why choose Textron Aviation to equip my aircraft?

    Your operational preparation is our top priority. Equipment needed to be compliant with the new rules will vary by aircraft model, age and components currently installed. Avionics and service representatives at your nearest Textron Aviation service center will help you plan a customized work scope for your aircraft and provide a cost and downtime estimate.

    With over 90 years of innovation in the aviation industry we have engineered, manufactured and serviced our aircraft with the skill that can only come from experience. No other aircraft company can offer the reassurance that comes with our ADS-B Out install.

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  • Why should I schedule now?

    As we near the deadline, aircraft owners who do not reserve an installation appointment will experience less flexibility in scheduling, and longer wait times due to service backlogs. By working directly with your service center, you ensure parts and equipment needed to accomplish the modification are allocated to your aircraft early.

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  • Why is ADS-B Out required?

    Equipping your aircraft with ADS-B Out provides air traffic controllers with more precise means to safely navigate traffic. ADS-B Out enables aircraft to broadcast their identity, precise location, and additional information from the onboard avionics systems. This technology allows for communication between the aircraft and other on the ground support.

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