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Sun and Fun

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Join us at Sun 'N Fun Aerospace Expo
March 28 - April 2, 2023

There is no better way to kick off the spring season than by attending one of the world's largest aviation festivals. Textron Aviation invites you to join us in Lakeland, Florida, for the SUN 'n FUN Aerospace Expo. We hope you'll come visit with our aftermarket and new aircraft sales teams, browse our gift shop and experience our selection of CESSNA and BEECHCRAFT aircraft. In addition, we will also have PIPISTREL and BELL aircraft, as well as MCCAULEY and LYCOMING aircraft solutions on display for you to explore.

Our love of aviation unites us, and the gathering of friends and fellow enthusiasts binds our community together. We look forward to seeing you there.

Featured Aircraft

  • Beechcraft Baron G58


    • Max Range: 1,480 NM
    • Max Occupants: 6

    The BEECHCRAFT BARON G58 aircraft balances horsepower, peace-of-mind, twin-engine redundancy and security. With seating for six, large cargo doors and two baggage compartments, it offers great flexibility for both business and pleasure.

  • Beechcraft Bonanza G36


    • Max Range: 920 NM
    • Max Occupants: 6

    Designed for the pilot who desires a level of craftmanship equal to their own ambition, the BEECHCRAFT BONANZA G36 piston always delivers. Get hands-on with its first-class avionics, explore cabin configuration options and appreciate its unmatched quality.

  • Beechcraft Denali


    • Max Range: 1,600 NM*
    • Max Occupants: 8-11

    Designed with more performance, more versatility and lower costs, the BEECHCRAFT DENALI turboprop establishes a new standard in single-engine performance. Configure its jet-inspired cabin for nine-seat commuter seating or as a six-seat executive interior.

  • Cessna Grand Caravan EX

    Grand Caravan EX

    • Max Range: 912 NM
    • Max Occupants: 10 - 14**

    The CESSNA GRAND CARAVAN EX aircraft is known for its dependable and efficient performance by regional airlines, charter operators and cargo carriers worldwide.

  • Cessna Turbo Stationair HD

    Turbo Stationair HD

    • Max Range: 703 NM
    • Max Occupants: 6

    Whether loading gear through the dual aft cargo doors, landing on a short dirt airstrip or splashing in at a remote lake on amphibious floats, the turbocharged capability of the CESSNA Turbo STATIONAIR HD piston is designed to fit your mission needs.

  • Cessna Turbo Skylane

    Turbo Skylane

    • Max Range: 971 NM
    • Max Occupants: 4

    Take your adventures higher, faster and farther with this powerful piston. The CESSNA Turbo SKYLANE aircraft allows you to cruise comfortably above unfriendly skies and challenging terrain thanks to its high-wing design and durable airframe.

  • Panthera


    • Max Range: > 1000 NM
    • Max Occupants: 4

    Panthera is designed by applying the most modern design and construction techniques, on top of 30 years of knowledge, experience and excellence in building aircraft. Panthera's organic curves are a product of optimization through advanced, in-house developed computer tools, where each detail is designed to ensure minimum drag and maximum efficiency.

  • Velis Electro

    Velis Electro

    • Endurance: up to 50 minutes (plus VFR reserve)
    • Max Occupants: 2

    Velis Electro is world's first electric powered airplane to receive a Type Certificate (EASA.A.573 TCDS). The two-seater, intended primarily for pilot training, is a game-changing aircraft in terms of technological innovations and cost-efficiency. Velis Electro can be operated commercially and is fully approved for pilot training as well as other operations. With its quietness, Velis Electro can bring flight training much closer to urban areas without adversely affecting communities' quality of life.

  • Alpha Trainer

    Alpha Trainer

    • Max Range: 324 NM
    • Max Occupants: 2

    Alpha Trainer represents a special concept of economic training for pilots. Built on the solid pedigree of our extensive Sinus and Virus models product line-up, the Alpha Trainer combines quality with an affordable price. It offers convenient flying with no performance set-backs; it is an efficient two-seat composite aircraft, which combines Pipistrel's competitive advantages, high-tech manufacturing and ease of use.

  • Bell 505


    • Max Range: 306 NM
    • Passengers: 1 - 4

    The sky's the limit with the BELL 505. A high-tech flight deck and adaptable cabin design make it an extremely cost-competitive, and capable for any challenge.

Aircraft Solutions

  • C780

    C780 Propeller

    • Aircraft: BEECHCRAFT KING AIR B300 Series
    • Engine: PWC PT6A-60A, 1050 SHP, 1700 RPM
    • Diameter: 105 IN
    • Weight: 173 LB per propeller
    • Type: Feathering and reversing propeller
  • C1106

    C1106 Propeller

    • Diameter: 105 IN
    • Weight: 150 LB
    • Type: Feathering and reversing propeller
  • 540 Series

    540 Series Engine

    Lycoming's 540 Series six-cylinder engines are powerful and durable, producing 235 to 360 HP at up to 2,700 RPM.