Information Technology


Information Technology at Textron Aviation ensures that employees have the right tools, programs and networks to accomplish day-to-day tasks and crucial business priorities. From troubleshooting computer and network issues to designing new platforms, on the IT team, you are critical to the success of the company.


Manage and support Textron Aviation’s network, servers and computers in IT Infrastructure.

Systems, Applications and Products (SAP)

In SAP at Textron Aviation, you will support the company’s systems, applications and products.

Business Intelligence

In Business Intelligence IT, you will work with Textron Aviation’s data to make strategic business decisions.

Engineering Support

As an Engineering Support IT professional, you will support and enhance the design and development of tools used in Engineering at Textron Aviation.

Business Applications

Manage and support Customer Service and Manufacturing online and mobile applications in Business Applications at Textron Aviation.

Web and Mobile

As a Web and Mobile IT professional, you will develop and maintain Textron Aviation’s online properties, such as, and build mobile applications.

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