Human Resources


Textron Aviation develops top talent by empowering its workforce and providing excellent on-the-job opportunities. In Human Resource at Textron Aviation, you will develop partnerships with employees across the company’s business functions and provide guidance and support in attracting, motivating and retaining its talented workforce.

Talent Acquisition

In Talent Acquisition, you will recruit, interview and onboard new employees for all of Textron Aviation’s business functions.

Talent Development

Improve employee knowledge and experience by coordinating engagement events, training, development programs and other activities in Talent Development at Textron Aviation.


Complete salary analyses, manage record systems, adjust compensation, award merit increases and calculate salaries in Compensation at Textron Aviation.


You will assist employees with enrollment and management of their benefits, including health care, 401(k), FMLA and vacation in Benefits at Textron Aviation.

HR Business Partners

As an HR Business Partner at Textron Aviation, you will provide overall HR support to individual business functions, such as product teams, Engineering and Marketing.

Employee and Labor Relations

Work directly with employees and the labor union at Textron Aviation to ensure satisfaction and resolve any work-related situation in Employee and Labor Relations.

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