Textron Aviation Service Centers have teamed up with leading avionics manufacturers to bring the precision of WAAS-FMS (Flight Management Systems) to your aircraft. WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) supplements in GPS technology with coverage across the continental U.S. Its network of 25 ground stations monitor GPS signals and correct for satellite orbital shifts, clock drifts and atmospheric signal delays with an accuracy that determines locations within three meters. In fact, WAAS is so accurate that it is approved by the FAA for use as your primary means of navigation from takeoff through Category 1 precision approach.


GREATER ACCESS TO MORE AIRSTRIPS — take advantage of more than 1700 airstrips that were simply off limits to customer for ILS approaches (including many in Alaska, Canada, and Mexico).

LOWER MINIMUMS, CLOSER TO HOME — A whole world of planning options opens up with minimum landing requirements of 200 feet and a half-mile of visibility. For many, that means taking off and landing at their home airports rather than diverting to airports with longer runways.

FEWER STEPDOWNS, GREAT PASSENGER COMFORT — Electronic glide paths of WAAS eliminates intermediate step-down approaches or dive and drive approaches. The glide path becomes independent of ground or barometric equipment.

MONEY SMART FROM INSTALLATION TO FLIGHT MISSIONS — Owners say that based on all it delivers, a WAAS installation is simply an intelligent investment. WAAS cuts down on flight distances, time and fuel, and saves money every time they fly.

OPENING THE DOOR FOR THE FUTURE: ADS-B will require at least one WAAS-capable GPS receiver connected directly to an upgraded transponder. The first step in the on-board ADS-B system is the GPS-generated position system.

WAAS/GPS can either be a part of an existing FMS, another WAAS/GPS navigator, or a stand-alone WAAS/GPS sensor specifically employed for use by the ADS-B system.

Textron Aviation can advise you of available options and help you navigate the path to updated safety and precision for your aircraft.