upgrades and services


Service capabilities and parts availability vary widely from avionics and airframe modifications to exterior paint and interior schemes. Textron Aviation covers every inch and every detail of your aircraft. With a full range of upgrades and services, Textron Aviation optimizes your aircraft’s value by bringing it up to new aircraft standards, lowering operating costs and enhancing safety. 


Advances in avionics technology draw operators to upgrade their older aircraft by installing new avionics suites. Textron Aviation avionics technicians expertly fit new equipment into older aircraft and ensure it appears and performs as if it were a production install. To minimize downtime, avionics upgrades can be completed in conjunction with phase inspections or interior refurbishment.


Winglets can deliver improved performance by increasing range and minimizing drag. Winglets also enhance the resale value of your aircraft, with the Blue Book indicating a 100 percent return on the value of a Textron Aviation winglet installation.


With approximately 280 years of combined experience and more than 19 years of experience per technician, Textron Aviation is exceptionally qualified to paint new life into your aircraft. We provide custom renderings and designs with a wide array of unique paint and styles to choose from, including metallic, mica, color-shifting paint, special-effect pain, murals and wraps. Numerous paint configurations are available from factory-approved designs. The new, environmentally-friendly features of our paint bay create less waste, less contamination and include a filtration system, which provides a sustainable clean air environment. Additionally, this new space will increase our paint capacity substantially.

With OEM commitment to quality and satisfaction, our paint warranties are some of the best in the industry with three years on metal aircraft and one year on composite aircraft. 

While your aircraft is being painted, make the most of your downtime and consider these upgrades:

  • State-of-the-art avionics upgrade
  • Engine overhaul
  • Cabin communications
  • Cabin entertainment
  • Interior refurbishment
  • Permaguard paint protection
  • Stainless steel kits/fasteners

Other paint services:

  • Chemical strip or sand and paint
  • N-number change
  • Custom designs
  • Touchups
  • Polishing


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