Tamarack Winglets for CJ, CJ1, CJ1+


The increased performance characteristics of your aircraft when fitted with Tamarack ATLAS™ Active Winglets can result in tangible economic benefits for owners and operators.

Reduced fuel consumption produces lower direct operating costs and fewer en-route fuel stops.

* Data provided by Tamarack

Active Winglets can also provide the aircraft with better stability, greater climb gradients (improvements on high/hot tables), an increase in max zero fuel weight and an increase in the residual value of your aircraft.

“The noticeably improved climb performance experienced through the flight levels is a testament to the success and effectiveness of Tamarack’s winglet technology. Fuel consumption to top of climb (TOC) at FL410 was only 560 lb (82 gallons) and just under 35 minutes, which is a big advantage over the winglet-less platform. Climb rate in the mid-flight levels, especially in turning flight, was definitely improved. Acceleration at level off (FL410) to cruise speeds and a favorable angle of attack occurred much quicker than normally experienced.” Jason Herman - Professional Pilot