Hawker 800XP Winglets


Genuine Hawker® Winglets

Designed and manufactured by the company who built your aircraft, Genuine Hawker® Winglets deliver distinct performance improvements without impacting wing life or airframe inspection schedules. Hawker Winglets will save you time and money with improved fuel economy, reduction in time-to-climb and more range than ever before.


  • 5% reduction in time to climb
  • Over 100 nautical miles of range compared to standard-equipped Hawker 800XP
  • Faster cruise speeds for same fuel flow
  • 5 gallons per hour improved fuel burn at long range cruise

Compare the Hawker 800XP, equipped with Genuine Hawker Winglets, time to climb performance with the standard-equipped Hawker 800XP.

  • Designed by Textron Aviation for maximized aerodynamic performance
  • Lightweight, strong composite construction
  • Integrated LED position lights with a MTBF(Mean-time-between-failure) of 5000 hours

Payload Range Chart

The payload vs. range diagram below compares payload (lb.) and NBAA IFR range (nm) between the Hawker 800XP with Hawker Winglets installed and the standard Hawker 800XP aircraft without winglets.

Cruising Speed Comparisons

The Hawker 800XP aircraft upgraded with the Genuine Hawker Winglets can fly faster at altitude than standard Hawker 800XP’s without winglets.