Entertainment & Connectivity


Passengers want to communicate in the air as easily as they do in their office or at home. Your passengers can enjoy full access to a multitude of devices for conducting business or enjoying various entertainment venues.


Depending on the aircraft model, we can install a number of packages from leading providers of in-flight connectivity for business aviation, allowing for full web surfing, e-mail and the use of Wi-Fi enabled devices like a laptop, or Smartphone.


We offer audio and visual choices, with interfaces that make it easy to enjoy uninterrupted operation of iPods, MP3 and Blu-ray players.

“The passengers love it. It means people can get on board and continue to work; business goes on as usual while they are on board. For us up front, we can access up-to-date weather and make sure nothing’s changed while we’re en route. It’s been great for both the passengers and the crew.”

Citation Sovereign Chief Pilot


What to consider when upgrading an executive aircraft with in-flight connectivity

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