cessna avionics upgrades


Avionics upgrades completed by your company-owned service center will give you unmatched situational awareness so you have the clearest possible picture of where you are and where you are heading.

Garmin® G1000®

Primus Elite™ for the Citation X®

Using an easy-to-learn, easy-to-operate cursor control-type interface, the Primus Elite for the Citation X gives you and your crew instant access to XM® graphical weather, Jeppesen® electronic charts and maps and video displays that increase situational awareness and safety. The Primus Elite aviation upgrade also delivers LCD-clear avionics that fit your flight profile, flight deck and operating budget. The core systems of your flight deck are maintained with no change to the current PFD, MFD, ND or ECIAS formats, no change to the symbol generator software and no need to alter training requirements.

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Bring the precision of WAAS-FMS to your aircraft

  • Data collection from 25 ground stations to pinpoint a location within three meters
  • WAAS is so accurate that it’s approved by the FAA for use as your primary means of navigation – from takeoff through Category 1 precision approach

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The autothrottle system is designed to provide smooth and precise engine target settings for airspeed control. The system delivers significant flight performance and safety advantages results in increased situational awareness, reduced crew workload and greater passenger comfort.

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